Adrian Peterson not changing number after it would cost $1 million

After a disapointing season, Adrian Peterson needed a change. The four-time Pro Bowl tweeted he wanted to change his number from 29 to 21 or 23. A simple request for the start running back, that was until he was informed he would have to purchase any Adrian Peterson No.28 jerseys.

@AdrianPerterson tweeted,: “So here is the deal with the number change! So I received a call and I was informed that I would’ve to buy all jerseys that’s been produced … Thus far! N the total amount that I would have to pay blew my mind!!!!!”

The estimated total cost it would take for Peterson to buy all of his jerseys would be $1 million. Despite making $36 million in guaranteed money from his recently-signed contract extension, Peterson said changing his number is only worth $10,000.

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