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Adrian Peterson not changing number after it would cost $1 million

After a disapointing season, Adrian Peterson needed a change. The four-time Pro Bowl tweeted he wanted to change his number from 29 to 21 or 23. A simple request for the start running back, that was until he was informed he would have to purchase any Adrian Peterson No.28 jerseys.

@AdrianPerterson tweeted,: “So here is the deal with the number change! So I received a call and I was informed that I would’ve to buy all jerseys that’s been produced … Thus far! N the total amount that I would have to pay blew my mind!!!!!”

The estimated total cost it would take for Peterson to buy all of his jerseys would be $1 million. Despite making $36 million in guaranteed money from his recently-signed contract extension, Peterson said changing his number is only worth $10,000.

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Adrian Peterson ditching camp, tries to blame NFL Network

NFL superstar Adrian Peterson charged peewee football players $199 to attend his football camp. Although attendees were promised motivational talks and mentoring by the NFL star Peterson canceled on the camp just days before.

According to Peterson, he was chosen by the NFL Network to be in the NFL Top 100 Program, which caused a scheduling conflict to film the special. ProCamps apologized saying, “Although we are saddened to hear that he won’t be able to attend his camp, we congratulate Adrian on the honor.” Only problem is, the NFL Network denied any wrongdoing saying they are not filming with the NFL superstar until July!

After being outed by the NFL network, ProCamps back peddled issuing refunds, and Peterson issued the statement saying, “I hosted camps in Palestine and Tyler, Texas, last week that went great. Due to ProCamps misunderstanding of my schedule, I was never able to host this year’s Norman camp on their scheduled dates, but look forward to being back in 2012.”

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Football star Adrian Peterson gets McDonald’s employee fired

At 3AM a McDonald’s female employee was working the drive-through window when she noticed it was Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson come up by foot and asked to use the bathroom. Though it was against policy, she did it anyway and was fired when management found out. But this story does have a happy meal happy ending, after Internet campaigns by Vikings fans, she was offered her job back!

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