Alexander Ovechkin’s mom ruining his career?

Washington Capital fans are asking what is wrong with their captain? NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin is having the worst season of his hockey career. With just 51 points, it is far shy of the 100+ point seasons he had in 2008-2010 or even the 91 points he scored in his rookie year.

While the finger is being pointed at how the game has changed or his love of partying, the Washington Post is now blaming his mom.

The Post reports: “That’s his biggest problem — his mom She did what she did for Alex. She played a huge part in his growth, in his career. But it went too far. I understand it’s family, I understand they’re very close — it’s not that. The question is: Is he ever going to grow up? I’m not only talking about hockey. She’s in his life in many other areas — relationships with girls, with friends, with everyone.”

During last year’s HBO 24/7 Road To The Winter Classic, hockey fans saw that Ovechkin’s mom even lived with him, contrary to his womanizing reputation. It was actually Ovechkin’s mom who negotiated his 13-year $124 million contract.

For $9.5 million a season, Ovechkin’s 29 goals is an underachievement and disapointment. Ovie’s play is bad for the league too. In 2006, Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby were the most hyped NHL rookies since Wayne Gretzky. The NHL capitalized on the rookie rivalry, as Ovechkin led in goals and points. The following year, Crosby won the  Hart Memorial Trophy, Lester B. Pearson Award and Art Ross trophies.What a difference a few years make, along with Ovechkin’s down fall, Crosby has played just 8 games since January 2011, suffering from concussion like symptoms.

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