Dennis Rodman authors children’s book

He may not pay his child support but that isn’t stopping Dennis Rodman from authoring a children’s book. The NBA Hall of Famer is releasing his own book called “Dennis The Wild Bull,” set to be released in September just in time for back to school.

Despite being sentence to 104-hours of community service for unpaid child support, Rodman is dedicating the book to his children. “We’re not only excited about the project but we believe it’s a step in the right direction for Dennis,” said Rodman’s agent Darren Prince.

“Dennis the Bull” is being co-written with screenwriter Dustin Warburton, who said, “Dennis has a lot of great lessons to convey so needless to say it’s not only going to be fun, it’s going to spread a positive message which is what children’s books are all about.”

I wonder if this counts towards those 104 hours of community service?

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