“Good luck” ribs banned for Philadelphia Flyers during Penguins series

Last night, the Philadelphia Flyers won in overtime, overcoming a 3-0 deficit in the first game of the opening round of the playoffs against the rival Pittsburgh Penguins… and they did it without their lucky ribs. The Flyers have credited much of their 6-1 all-time  record in the Penguins’ new arena to Dee Jay’s BBQ ribs.

Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette revealed, “We buy ribs from DeeJays in Weirton after the game and have them delivered to the plane. And those ribs seem to be doing the trick. It went back to last year, too. Whenever the ribs are ordered, we win. I want to thank DeeJays.”

Unfortunately for the Flyers, the owner of DeeJay’s if a Penguins fan and didn’t appreciate Laviolette making it known that he was aiding, embedding and feeding the enemy.  ”I am a Penguin fan, not a Flyer fan. What happened was sometime last year, Peter wanted to treat his guys to some ribs, so I said sure. They were playing the Penguins and I brought the ribs up to the plane. Since the Pens moved to the Consol Center they haven’t beaten the Flyers and on each occasion, I took ribs up to their plane,” restaurant owner Dewey Guida said. “Little did I know he would go into the press conference and say the reason they won was our ribs.”

To prove his Penguins fanhood and keep his loyal Pittsburgh customers, Guida has banned the Phialdelphia Flyers from ordering ribs telling the Steubenville Herald-Star,  ”No more ribs for them, and I pray, I hope, that the Penguins beat their skates off.”

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