Weekend Video: Shooting championship plays Borat parody as Kazakhstan national anthem

The Arab Shooting Championship in Kuwait made the mistake of playing the Kazakhstan National Anthem parody from Borat. The event organizers played the song off of Youtube and what ensued only could have been matched with Sacha Baron Cohen spilling Kim Jong Il’s ashes over Ryan Seacrest. The Kazakhstan team was so enraged and demanded an apology from event organizers, but that didn’t stop the video from being posted on Youtube.

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FC Barcelona player to dump Shakira or leave team

Shakira’s hips have gotten FC Barcelona soccer player Gerard Piqué into trouble. Head coach Pep Guardiola believes Shakira is a distraction to Piqué, and it is affecting his play… so much so that Guardiola is threatening to leave the team unless Piqué ends things with Shakira or is traded.

Piqué has been linked to the Colombian singer since last March and is accused of being late to practice and missing team meetings. The centre back was even photographed white water rafting, which is an activity banned by FC Barcelona.

But Shakira’s interferance just doesn’t stop with FC Barcelona, rival soccer team Real Madrid has banned Shakira’s music. Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium used to have Shakira’s music on their pre-match playlist, but the songs have been pulled.

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Racecar driver tweets after Daytona 500 fire ball crash

NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth crossed the finish line at 1am to win the Daytona 500. Fans had to sit through both rain and fire ball delays. During the race, driver Juan Pablo Montoya crashed into a 200 gallon track dryer causing a massive explosion.

Brad Keselowski took the opportunity to take to his Twitter and update fans on the crash from on the track. Keselowski posted pictures and answered follower questions as he waitied for the race to resume. In case you were wondering, Keselowski phone battery was running on 28%.

While Keselowski didn’t win the race, he did gain nearly 150,000 new followers!


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Weekend Video: High school cheering section parts the Red Sea


Lawrence, Massachusetts’ Central Catholic High School basketball cheering section is called the Red Sea. Watch as Moses performs one of history’s most famous miracles.

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