Arsenal goalkeeper’s number tweeted out after plan backfires

In a case of revenge of the jersey chaser, Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny DirectMessaged one of his Twitter followers EliteTV personality Letesha Collins to meet, “Hello babe a will-be glamour model. Text me on 07794220972 if you wanna talk. Don’t give this number to anyone pls x.”

After Collins found out Szczensny had a girlfriend his would be suitor sent out his phone number to all her followers in a Follow Friday tweet:

#FF @13Szczesny13 or just give him a call, clearly isn’t too fussed about giving his number out. Have a good FRIDAYYYY

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Couple gets married while running NY Marathon


Talk about a runaway bride! A couple who met running married while competing in the New York Marathon. Mary and Raymond Donaldson exchanged vows during the 22nd mile of the race. The ceremony was complete with Mary wearing a baseball cap veil and Raymond a vest and bowtie while a pastor ran beside them. This is the second time both have run the NY Marathon, Mary in 2008 and Raymond in 1987. Like a true gentleman, Raymond let his bride beat him by one second, finishing at 3:54.25. Congrats to the happy couple!

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Weekend Video: Goalkeeper turns back on penalty kick to protest call

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Woman gives birth after running Chicago Marathon

Women often compare delivery a baby to running a marathon, but Amber Miller actually gave birth to a baby girl after she finished the Chicago Marathon on Sunday!

Miller was 39 weeks pregnant was was given permission by her doctor to run the 26.2 mile race. The avid runner ran two miles, walked two miles but started feelings contractions towards the end of the race. She  finished in 6 hours and 25 minutes, ate a sandwich, then went to the hospital!

Miller ran the marathon with her husband, but left him after the first mile and finished before him. The couple named their daughter June, who was 7 lbs, 24 ounces.

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