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Brett Favre passed on negoiating a settlmenet with Sterger

More developments in our Jersey Chaser of the Month meeting with NFL officials…. According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Jenn Sterger is cooperating with the NFL’s investigation on the Brett Favre sext messages because the legendary quarterback would not negotiate a settlement with her.

The inappropriate pictures and voice mails Favre allegedly sent Sterger back in 2008 were released by Deadspin.com over a month ago. Sterger refused to speak to the NFL in the hopes of reaching a financial settlement with Favre. However, despite reaching out to him, Favre’s reps did not return Sterger’s team’s phone calls. A settlement would have prevented Sterger from taking legal action and would have included a confidentiality agreement.

Sterger met with NFL officials yesterday, accompanied by her lawyers and manager. It was first thought that Sterger was not cooperating with the investigation because of her show The Daily Line on Versus, which is now canceled.

Though Sterger initially wanted a settlement,  when asked about the Tiger Woods scandal back in April, Sterger told the Ministry, “I feel like at some point these guys need to be sat down and told, ‘Look, you’re not invincible…. For every dumb girl that’s willing to lay down for you, at some point there’s going to be one smart enough to know what to do with that.”

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