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Tony Romo marries Candice Crawford former Miss Missouri and Chace Crawford’s sister

Girls hearts are breaking everywhere across America (Jessica Simpson)… Tony Romo is officially off the market. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback who is known more for his good looks than his throwing arm married Candice Crawford. Candice is the younger sister of Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford and a former Miss Missouri.

The couple enlisted the wedding planner for NFL quarterbacks Todd Fiscus, who also planned Eli Manning’s wedding. Details are mum on the ceremony but Fiscus did say, “We did lots of man food. I have a lot of football players to feed.”

As for the guest list, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was in attendance, who had to clear his attendance with the NFL because of the lockout restrictions. The lockout is also affecting the couple’s honeymoon plans despite Romo having extra time on his hands. ”We’ll see. We haven’t really gotten there yet. We’re taking a day at a time with the lockout. We (are not) even sure if we’re gonna get to go (on) one,” Candice said.

In a twisted six-degrees of separation, Romo dated American Idol country singer Carrie Underwood who also dated Candice’s brother Chace Crawford.

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400 fans left without view of Super Bowl after tickets were in violation of fire code

Would you pay to watch the Super Bowl from these seats because 400 fans did last night. In an attempt to break the World Record, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys oversold Super Bowl tickets to the mammoth Cowboys Stadium.The ice storm that hit Dallas last week prevented workers from completing the additional temporary seating brought in for the event. 850 fans were affected after their seats were in violation of the fire code. While fans were found replacement seats, 400 people were left no view of the field. The NFL has promised to reimbursed fans by tripling the face value of their tickets, accommodations and tickets to next year’s Super Bowl… but to some the damage has been done.

Green Bay Packers fan Odett Karam, who flew in from California said: “We don’t want that (money). We just want to get into the game. We just want to see the game.”

Even with the 850 angry fans, it was not enough to break the record. Last night’s Super Bowl attendance was103,219, just short of the 1980 Super Bowl record at the Rose Bowl of 103,985.

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Tony Romo engaged to Chace Crawford’s younger sister

Tony Romo is engaged to former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford, who happens to be Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford’s younger sister. The pair have been dating since Romo broke up with Jessica Simpson last summer. If Simpson, Romo and Nick Lachey are all engaged, does that mean John Mayer is next? The 30-year old quarterback proposed at Candice’s 24th birthday party. Candice does double duty as a jersey chaser and sports reporter.

How is this for incestuous six degrees of separation… Romo used to date Carrie Underwood, who in turn also dated Chace Crawford. Welcome to the team Candice!

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Tashard Choice defends asking Vick for autograph after Cowboys loss

After the Dallas Cowboys lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 30-27 last night, Cowboys runningback Tashard Choice asked Michael Vick for an autograph. Choice’s actions raised eyebrows among Cowboy fans, but Choice is defending himself on Twitter saying:

If its anybody that cares about winning and the d cowboys its me. I apologize to the people it was just an innocent jesture for my nephew.

According to Choice, the autograph was for his three-year old nephew, and Vick “Has nothing to do with how I play on da feel. Y’all are a trip foreal,” he tweeted. “…We all exchange autographs. That’s so stupid for people to get mad about.”

In Choice’s defense, his nephew probably already knows at the age of three not to ask for any Cowboys’ autographs with a record of 4-9.

See the video below and click here to follow Thejerseychaser.com on Twitter!

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