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Mom’s Facebook post causes sons’ football team to forfeit three games

More Facebook drama that does not include the new timeline layout… A mom’s Facebook post caused her sons’ high school football team to forfeit three games when it was discovered the boys did not live in their school district full time. Rodney and Ryan Belasic were declared ineligible by the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association after  their mom posted a status, “How can two boys mess up their room as badly as they do when they’re only here on Saturday and Sunday?”

The status triggered an investigation, resulting in the Vikings, who were ranked third in division Class 1A, to forfeit three games. The Vikings had been 5-0 overall.

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Brian Wilson and the Machine on Leno; Facebook fans want Wilson to host SNL

The San Francisco Giants are the World Series Champions, and to celebrate Jay Leno had Giants closer Brian Wilson on the Tonight Show. Throughout the season, Wilson has made references to a mysterious “friend” who wears a dominatrix mask and appears in various interviews. The Machine made a cameo on Leno yesterday. Wilson’s no hold bars personality has created quite the cult following, so much so that Giants fans have created a Facebook fan page called “Brian Wilson Should Host SNL.”

The page already has more than 15,000 fans! The fan page is also calling for the Machine to make an appearance as well. America was first introduced to the Machine back in August during this interview….

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