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Weekend Video: Bird poops on anchor during World Series

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San Francisco Giants visit the White House

The San Francisco Giants visited President Obama and the White House in honor of their 2010 World Series Championship win.

The President took a break from national debt talks to congratulate the team, who despite winning the World Series in 1954 did not visit President Dwight Eisenhower because it was before the tradition started.

Obama poked fun at Giants Tim Lincecum saying, “America learned sometimes it’s a good idea to bet on the skinny guy,” and telling Brian Wilson he “feared the beard.”

The President told the crowd of almost 200 people, which included prominent guests House Minority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “So even though this team is a little different, even though these players haven’t always followed the traditional rules, one thing they know is how to win.”

One person not in attendance was the Machine, who apparently couldn’t clear Secret Service!

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Giants fan hospitalized after being attacked by Dodgers fans

A San Francisco Giants fan is in critical condition after being attacked by a group of LA Dodgers fan. The man and two other Giants fans were jumped in the parking lot after the Dodgers-Giants Opening Day match-up.

According to the LA Times, Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg said the victim was one of three Giants fans attacked in the parking lot around the end of the game by two unidentified men wearing Dodgers clothing.

The unprovoked attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. in Parking Lot 2 when two men in Dodgers clothing approached three victims in Giants apparel, police said.

The men then attacked the trio, kicking and punching them and shouting expletives about the Giants as they delivered the blows, Rosenberg said. The attack left one victim hospitalized in critical but stable condition, Rosenberg said.

The Giants-Dodgers feud is one of the longest rivalries in sports history, dating back all the way to when both teams were in New York. This offseason, a group of Giants fans raised money to fly a banner over Dodgers Stadium reminding their rivals of their World Series win. Despite the incident, there were less arrests this year than last year’s Opening Day.

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Giants fans raising money to fly “2010 Champs” banner over Dodgers stadium

San Francisco Giants fans are making sure the Los Angeles Dodgers remember who won the World Series. The Giants play the Dodgers on Opening Day, March 31, and fans have started a collection to raise money to fly a “2010 Champs” banner over Dodgers stadium, Chavez Ravine. The campaign goal is to raise $8,000, and already more than half the money has been raised. The banner will read: “Giants 2010 Champs: Beat LA.” The group calls themselves the Faithful Supporters of the World Champions San Francisco Giants. The official website states: “It is a great way to pay tribute to the World Champion San Francisco Giants while giving the other organization a taste of what it’s like to be World Champions: something they haven’t tasted since 1988.”

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