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Pocket dial results in NCAA violation

UGA had to report six NCAA violations after coaches pocket dialed or sent accidental text messages to prospective athletes. The incidents happened in five seperate sports since April. The NCAA prohbits any phone contact with students until one day after singing their letter of intent. Email however is allowed during the recruitment process. Among the reports: an assistant football coach replied to a text message he thought was from a current player, a volleyball coach emailed a UGA alumn who has a “prospective-age” daughter, and the assistant basketball mistakenly sent a text message to a recruit instead of an email on his phone.

Schools are growing more cautious over NCAA violations after Sports Illustrated ivestigated Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel. They uncovered an eight-year pattern of players selling autographs and memorbilia for money and other goods including drugs.

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Jim Tressel suspended for 2 games

Ohio State has supsended Jim Tressel for two games for the 2011 NCAA football season. The news comes just a day later after Yahoo! Sports reported that Tressel knew his players were selling memorblia in April. Tressel and Ohio State’s original story was that the coach did not know about the violations until December, when the school was approached by a local US Attonery’s office.
Earlier reports have said that Tressel was fired by the school.

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