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75% of college athletes take money from agents

Former NFL agent Josh Luchs dropped a bombshell in a recent Sports Illustrated article, admitting he paid college athletes money in hopes of signing them.

Luchs names over 30 players he allgedly bribed including Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes and New Orleans Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey. Ohio State opened an investigation on Holmes, who played for the Buckeyes from 2003-2006 . The college consulted with the NCAA and chose not to pursue the matter further.

While NCAA violations grab the headlines, veteran sports agent Ralph Cindrich said it is not as uncommon as you think. Cinrich told Pittsburgh’s 93.7 the Fan that 70% of college athletes take bribes.

I always had people around me telling me that I was highly naive, but I would suggest at this point that better than 70, 75 percent of the players have broken the rules

Cinrich remains adamant he has never violated any NCAA rules and believe the college recruiting culture must change.

I don’t think you can clean it up unless the whole system changes. I think it’s here and it’s always going to be here and it always was there. It just wasn’t as bad when I was coming through. Certainly, you didn’t have it in the same manner or fashion as you have it right now. … It does all start in college. It starts with coaches like [Nick] Saban out there, like [Urban] Meyer out there and the promises. Look, you don’t have to be a Rhodes scholar to know that when you go out into the parking lot of college players and you start seeing Range Rovers and Mercedes and all the rest that these guys didn’t pick it up in their summer employment.

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