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Magic Johnson is buying the Dodgers

The Los Angeles Dodgers needed a little Magic after what they endured in the past two years, which includes filing for bankruptcy and a bitter divorce between their owners. But yesterday, team owner Frank McCourt announced new owners for the team who have agreed to buy the Dodgers spear-headed by none other than Magic Johnson.

The deal was finalized just hours before the team was supposed to be auctioned off to three potential buyers including another sports connection; St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke. The Dodgers filed for bankruptcy in June of 2011, after team owners Frank and Jamie McCourt failed to settle team ownership in their divorce proceedings.

$2 Billion is the largest ever price tag for a US sports team.

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Dad drops daughter to try and catch foul ball #FAIL

Having a rough time getting back to work after Memorial Day… check out this Dad who dropped his daughter while trying to catch a foul ball. With Fathers day only a few weeks away, this guy for sure won’t be getting any gifts!

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MLB takes over operations of Dodgers

Baseball comissioner Bud Selig has announced the MLB will take over operations for the LA Dodgers. Real estate mogul Frank McCourt has  owned the team since 2004 and has come under fire in his attempt to sell the marquee franchise in the midst of a bitter divorce and more recently when stadium security flaws that left a San Francisco Giants fan in a coma on Opening Day. In a statement released by the commissioner, the decision was made in order to “protect the best interests of the club, its great fans and all of Major League Baseball.”

Last week, Selig first intervened in Dodgers operations to stop a $30m loan McCourt took out from Fox in order to pay the team’s payroll. In 2009, court documents revealed the Dodgers were in debt by over $430m and growing, despite Forbes estimating the value of the Dodgers franchise to be worth more than $750m.

A midst the divorce scandal, which includes the firing of McCourt’s now estranged wife Jamie from CEO of the team, California Attorney General Jerry Brown launched an investigation in regards to the charity’s chief executive Howard Sunkin, earning a salary of nearly $400,000 per year, almost a quarter of the foundation’s entire budget.

According to Selig, McCourt has badly damaged the value and reputation of the Dodgers while concerned only with his own profits and perks.

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Giants fan hospitalized after being attacked by Dodgers fans

A San Francisco Giants fan is in critical condition after being attacked by a group of LA Dodgers fan. The man and two other Giants fans were jumped in the parking lot after the Dodgers-Giants Opening Day match-up.

According to the LA Times, Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Sanford Rosenberg said the victim was one of three Giants fans attacked in the parking lot around the end of the game by two unidentified men wearing Dodgers clothing.

The unprovoked attack occurred about 8:30 p.m. in Parking Lot 2 when two men in Dodgers clothing approached three victims in Giants apparel, police said.

The men then attacked the trio, kicking and punching them and shouting expletives about the Giants as they delivered the blows, Rosenberg said. The attack left one victim hospitalized in critical but stable condition, Rosenberg said.

The Giants-Dodgers feud is one of the longest rivalries in sports history, dating back all the way to when both teams were in New York. This offseason, a group of Giants fans raised money to fly a banner over Dodgers Stadium reminding their rivals of their World Series win. Despite the incident, there were less arrests this year than last year’s Opening Day.

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