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Phillies bench player asks agent to set him up with model-actress

Phillies bench player John Mayberry Jr. can’t score on the field or off. After seeing Pirates of the Caribbean, the .264 right fielder asked his agent to set him up with actress Antoinette Nikprelaj who played the mermaid, only problem is Nikprelaj is married and has a child!

In the email, Mayberry’s agent wrote: “I hate to even be sending you this e-mail, and I’m quite embarrassed to say the least, but we have a young client on the Philadelphia Phillies who asked us if we knew any agents at Innovative Artists and could connect him to Antoinette Nikprelaj.

“I know you’re not a dating or set-up service, but John Mayberry Jr. (Phillies OF) would love to meet Antoinette or invite her to a baseball game sometime. Would this be possible?”

He added, “Here’s a bio of John to give you some more info on him (he’s a great guy, down-to-earth, humble, Stanford-educated, etc.) Thanks for considering this as you know how this business is and servicing clients.”

Like any good publicist… Nikprelaj’s agent sent the email to the New York Post!

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