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Sir Paul McCartney headlining London 2012

The London 2012 Olympic Games has announced Sir Paul McCartney will headline the opening ceremonies. The committee wanted to honor British music with an all British lineup, but after the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin turned down the chance to play at the games.

“The hope was to have the cream of British music all in the lineup, but it now looks like Macca [McCartney] will be joined by some younger stars on stage,” reports the Daily Mirror. “But of all the people you would want, McCartney is No 1. He is the ultimate showman and guaranteed to get the Olympics off to a great start.”

While many Beatles fans were hoping the only other surviving Beatle Ringo Star would join him, the famous drummer will be touring in the US during the Olympics.

The London 2012 games will be compared to the Beijing opening ceremonies, who set the bar high with 15,000 performers and a budget of more than $100 million.

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Paul McCartney’s Red Wings sticker guitar in new XM commercial & the story behind the sticker

Paul McCartney’s new XM commercial for Run with the Band has an editing error involving his iconic “Red Wings” guitar. The commercial is for McCartney’s upcoming performance at the Apollo Theatre this weekend on December 13, which will be broadcast on the satellite radio station.

In the commercial, Paul McCartney can be seen in the first and ending shot with his Red Wings guitar, but the sticker is missing in the commercial’s middle shot.

McCartney’s Red Wings guitar has become famous among hockey and Beatles enthusiasts. The sticker was added to the guitar back in 1976, when McCartney played a concert at Olympia Stadium, home to the Detroit Red Wings.

It has been widely disputed that McCartney has the sticker because either a fan gave the singer the sticker or he used the Red Wings locker room as his dressing room, both could be true. But what is known, is McCartney has had the sticker on the guitar ever since and uses the guitar to play the song Yesterday. It is also the same guitar he used on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Another possible reason McCartney could have an attachment to the sticker (besides the obvious that the Red Wings are the greatest team ever) is that the guitar was made in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

In 2006, the guitar manufacture, Epiphone re-issued 2,000 models of the FT-79N and even sold it with the Red Wings sticker. Over the summer, McCartney played at the first ever concert at the Consol Energy Center, home to the Pittsburgh Penguins. The Penguins organization gave McCartney a Penguins sticker to add to the guitar… temporarily of course.

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Paul McCartney adds Penguins sticker to famous Red Wings guitar

Paul McCartney wrote the song “Yesterday” with the now iconic guitar known to Beatles fans as the “guitar with the Red Wings sticker.” McCartney still uses the guitar whenever he preforms the hit. The Pittsburgh Penguins new Consol Energy Center had its grand opening, with McCartney playing two sold out shows Wednesday and Thursday. As one can imagine, Penguins fans were none to pleased to see McCartney donning a Red Wings sticker on his guitar, so the next night Penguins president Daivd Morehouse and Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl convinced McCartney to add a Penguins sticker.

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