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Secruity refuses to let Sarah Michelle Gellar meet Eli Manning

You know you have made it when you can snub Buffey the Vampire Slayer. Two-time winning Super Bowl quarterback Eli Manning did just that to fellow guest Sarah Michelle Gellar on the Late Show with David Letterman.

A fellow Giants fan, Gellar¬† is a native New Yorker and grew up on the Upper East Side. Gellar’s famly even had season tickets telling Letterman, “I used to sit out there and freeze on the 50 yard line. But I was on a plane last night, so I only got to see half of the game.”

But when it came time to meeting her team’s quarterback, Gellar was given the Heisman by Manning.

Letterman asked, “Did you get to see Eli backstage?”

“No, his security wouldn’t let me near him. It was weird,” Gellar said. “I was trying. I was like, ‘No really, I’m just a big fan.’ I think that’s where I went wrong. ‘I just want an autograph and a lock of his hair!’ But they said ‘no.’ Awkward.”

Maybe Manning wasn’t a fan of Gellar’s Golden Globes dress either?

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