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Powerball winner used numbers of KC Royals

For a team that hasn’t won their division since 1985, being a Kansas City Royals fan has paid off big time… $192 million big time! The winner of the Powerball Jackpot used numbers of KC Royals greats to pick his winning ticket.

  • #5 George Brett
  • #23 Mark Gubizca
  • #16 Bo Jackson
  • #22 Dennis Leonard
  • #29 Dan Quisenberry
  • #6 Willie Wilson

52-year old Missouri mechanic  Mark Hill is the lucky Royals fan of who won the Powerball Jackpot. Though he is is Royals fan, Hill claims he did not pick the numbers based off KC Royals players… that still didn’t stop Royals DH Billy Butler from tweeting, ” Hey Powerball winner/Royals fan in MO…feel free to drop some $$$ off at the stadium… it will be put to good use!#pitching #spreadthelove.”

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Stevie Johnson turns to Adele for comfort during free agency

It is always sad when a player leaves the team he was drafted by, and wide reciver Stevie Johnson is dealing with an uncertain future with the Buffalo Bills . The 25-year old free agent is turning to British singer Adele for guidance.

While cleaning out his locker after the Bills failed to make the playoffs, Johnson tweeted a picture saying: “iPod on Shuffle. Cleaning. Adele come on. I cant help but feel as if this is a sad story. #NotNowAdele but Could it Be?”

Johnson is the Bills leading receiver for the second consecutive season. He finished with 76 catches for 1,004 yards and 7 touchdowns. But the real question mark is why he has Adele on his iPod?

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Bills Kirk Morrison pays big for Twitter handle

Will the real Kirk Morrison please stand up? After a number change when Kirk Morrison was traded from Oakland to Buffalo earlier this year, the veteran linebacker wanted to change his Twitter handle from @KirkMorrison55 to @KirkMorrison… only problem was 20-year old Canadian student Kirk Morrison was already tweeting under @KirkMorrison.

How much was the Twitter handle worth to Morrsion? How about an all-expense paid trip for two to Buffalo, ticket to a Sabres-Flames game on Friday night, meeting Morrison at the Buffalo team hotel, tailgating with Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, and getting on the field for pre-game warmups before the Jets-Bills game.

After the festivites, Kirk Morrsion told the Regina Leader-Post, ”Back to reality, I guess. I have classes (Monday) afternoon that I need to be at. But we’re already talking about going back. We had such a great time, met so many amazing people and made a new friend in (Kirk Morrison). We’re definitely going back … we’re Bills fans for life.”

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Brad Richards Twitter hacked by Tommy Lee

NHL star Brad Richards just signed a 9-year $60 million contract with the New York Rangers, and while visiting his new city, Richards left his Twitter account signed in at an NYC hotel… lucky for him Tommy Lee knows a thing or two about invasion of privacy and helped him out. The Motley Crew rocker tweeted: “im a dork!…. im still signed in in NYC!! uh oh!!!!!!”  “signing out for ya!! im a nice hacker!! HEy dude btw..its Tommy Lee!!! hahah!! .” And people say New Yorkers aren’t friendly!

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