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Ovechkin awkwardly dances in DJ booth at DC club

Alexander Ovechkin plans to release a rap duet with Eminem, but the Russian hockey star may have to work on his rhythm. Over the weekend, Ovechkin was partying at Club Fur in DC with DJ Tiesto.  Ovechkin is known for his love of the club and once even spent $8,000 at a strip club. But before the season started, Ove told the DC media his days as a club head were over, because hockey is serous business. The NHL is barley into its first month of the season and is back to awkwardly dancing in DJ booths.

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Alexander Ovechkin to colloborate with Eminem on rap duet

If you thought the Elton John Eminem team up was weird… it may have just gotten more bizarre. NHL star Alexander Ovechkin told Russian LIFE that he is in talks with the rapper to collaborate on a rap duet.

“This would be a big honor for me as I am a real fan of Eminem,” said the Washington Capitals captain. “I always have his CDs in my car. I will be happy just to meet him. By the way, the film ’8 Mile’ with Eminem starring is simply awesome.”

Ovechkin’s announcement of a possible collaboration with Eminem comes on the heels of JJ Redick announcing his rap album.

Can someone please tell Ovechkin that meeting Eminem is a lot different than recording a song with him.


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