Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari carve pumpkins

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler may have had a horrendous game on Sunday when the Bears lost 17-14 to the Washington Redskins, but apparently Cutler’s love life is going strong. Cutler has been dating reality star and September Jersey Chaser of the Month Kristin Cavallari since the beginning of the season. Cavallari has been chronicling their relationship via her Twitter posting tweets:

8:41PM Oct 23: A guy just came up to me at the airport asking if I wanted acid. Ohh chicago

1:36PM Oct 23: Off to chicago ? its starting to feel more like home than LA..

It seems as if their relationship has taken a step to the next level as Cavallari posted pictures on Twitter of the pumpkins her and Cutler carved. Cavallari Tweeted: Jay and I carved pumpkins. Mines the amazing one on the right ;)

The pumpkin carving is hopefully keeping Cutler’s mind off the headlines. Redskins cornerback DeAneglo Hall told reporters after Sunday’s game: “If I played Jay Cutler each week, I’d be in the Hall of Fame.” Hall picked off Cutler four time on Sunday.

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