Haters start website to campaign to keep LeBron out of NBA All-Star game

LeBron haters of America have banned together to start a campaign to keep LeBron James out of the NBA All-Star game. The movement has even created the website with the mission statement:

“It’s simple: if you hate LeBron James as much as we do, fill out the all-star ballot on, and pick anyone but LeBron to start at forward for the Eastern Conference. Remember, there’s no limit on voting: the more votes other players get, the better chance we’ll keep his ego in check, and Keep LeBron Out.”

The 2011 All-Star game is scheduled for Febuary 20, 2011 at the LA Staples Center. Fans vote for the starting five players for each conference, and if has anything to say about it, LeBron will not be one of them.

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