TJC most popular posts for the month of November broke the 5,000 mark for the month of November. This is very exciting (considering our goal was 2,000), and I just want to thank everyone for their support. Below are the links to the most popular posts for this month. Surprisingly, our Jersey Chaser of the Month, Jenn Sterger did not crack the top five. The title for the month of December is still up for grabs, and I need your help! Comment or tweet me your nominations….

1. Other woman in the Tony Parker Eva Longoria divorce: Erin Barry

2. Brent Barry’s father speaks out, confirms Erin Barry cheated with Tony Parker

3. Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews may have won the Stanley Cup, but this Dell commercial proves they have no game

4. The missing link: Erin Andrews gives confirmation that she and Aaron Rodgers are dating

5. Michael Jordan responds to LeBron’s Nike”Rise” commercial, and it’s pretty bad a$$

Thanks for a great month chasers! 7,000 visits in December…? We can do it xoxo && keep chasing!

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One Response to TJC most popular posts for the month of November

  1. congrats! You’re really onto something here with your site’s concept and niche. I guarantee that you’re only going to see this blog grow and grown exponentially in traffic. YBN knows what they’re doing, and they must see the same thing in TJC that I do.

    I’m doing a similar post like this on Thursday. Well, not really that similar but in the same vein, and I celebrate the 1 million page views milestone. I’m pretty excited about it.

    I even plan on having a party for the site in the late spring. Even though I know absolutely nothing about party planning


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