U of M QB Denard Robinson tribute song to the tune of “Mrs. Robinson”

Just three games into college football season and University of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson has already put up Hesiman Trophy numbers. A local Detroit radio station, WOMC (104.3) is paying tribute to Denard Robinson by changing the words to the song “Mrs. Robinson.

A sample of the lyrics are below:

And here’s to you, Denard Robinson, Rich Rod helps more than you will know (whoa, whoa, whoa). Rush if you please, Denard Robinson, the Big House is the place for those who play (hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey).
We’d like to see you keep on playing Heisman Trophy-style. We’d like to hoist a trophy on the shelf.
Look around, and you will see us bleeding maize and blue. Don’t get injured, or we will surely lose.

Cool song but Thejerseychaser.com doesn’t think that Denard listens to Oldies!

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