LeBron Watch: LeBron on board for Izzo hiring

Tom Izzo was supposed to announce his decision on whether or not he would be accepting the head coaching position for the Cleveland Cavilers on Saturday but delayed his announcement until today.

Whether or not Izzo has reach his decision remains unknown, but according to ESPN.com high level sources say LeBron James is onboard for the Izzo hiring.

While LeBron endorses Izzo, he will not guarantee his return to Cleveland on the hiring alone. Izzo has allegedly reached out to LeBron James.

This morning, Izzo spoke to a youth basketball camp held at MSU but did not offer any insight on his decision.

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Reggie Bush and Pete Carroll screw over USC

In the midst of the mega-conference expansions, USC has been slapped with harsh penalties for NCAA violations. On Thursday, the committee announced USC’s football program would forfeit 13 wins (won during the time of the violations), an Orange Bowl victory, two-year bowl ban, and 30 docked scholarships.

The controversy surrounds high profile athletes Reggie Bush and basketball star OJ Mayo. The allegations first surfaced four years ago, when sports agents and marketing reps gave airline tickets to the Bush family.

The fate of Bush’s 2005 Heisman Trophy is not decided by the NCAA but by the Heisman Trust.

Somewhere Tennessee football fans are smiling. After USC head coach Pete Carroll left the Trojans, Tennessee football coach Lane Kiffin left to take the job. Carroll is the new coach of the NFL Seattle Seahawks, while Kiffin will have to overcome recruitment hurdles because of the NCAA violations.

When asked about the sanctions Carroll said, “The agenda of the NCAA Infractions Committee took them beyond the facts. The facts don’t merit the sanctions.”

USC is hopping to appeal the penalties. In 2002, Alabama suffered similar consequences a two-year bowl ban and forfeited 21 scholarships for similar NCAA violations.

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Mega-conferences in motion: Nebraska gets invite to the Big 10

On Monday, thejerseychaser.com reported that the major college football conferences are expanding. Today, the Big 10 made its move, inviting Nebraska and Missouri to join their mega-conference. According to the Omaha World Herald, the Huskies will accept the Big 10’s invitation on Friday.

Nebraska Athletic Director, Tom Osborne said: “We certainly don’t have anything against anybody in the Big 12. This decision is not going to be based on animosity or petty jealousy. You’re talking about something that could maintain for the next 75 to 100 years.”

Texas is a major player in the expansion of the mega-conferences. Texas is expected to join the Pac-10 and bring its big revenue with it.

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Tom Izzo to take coaching job for Cleveland Cavaliers

While Michigan State Basketball coach Tom Izzo has said he will not leave the college until his Spartans win another championship that is not stopping the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Cleveland is desperate to keep all-star LeBron James who is a free agent at the end of this season. So desperate the team has already fired coach Mike Brown and GM Danny Ferry, as they look for a more compatible front office to keep LeBron.

While Izzo has not been offered a contract yet, he is in contact with team owner Dan Gilbert. Gilbert is willing to give Izzo a five year deal for $6 million a season as well as use of his private jet. Currently, Izzo makes $3 million a season with Michigan State.

Other candidates for the Cleveland coaching job are Kentucky coach John Calipari and former Pistons coach Larry Brown. With Dan Gilbert a Michigan native and owner of Rock Financial it seems there is a Michigan connection.

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