LeBron denied police escort to OSU/Miami game

LeBron Ohio State

Even LeBron hates Ohio.... (image via Ohio State Unviersity)

Over the weekend, No.2 Ohio State took on No.12 Miami University. LeBron James asked Ohio State University for a full police to attend the game at the Horseshoe but was denied. The Buckeye beat the Hurricanes, 36-24, but LeBron never showed up. The Ohio native was only granted one police escort, and LeBron responded by not showing up for the game at all. No word if King James was planning on wearing Buckeyes or Hurricane gear….

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Reggie Bush OFFICIALLY gives back the Heisman

Reggie Bush is a New Orleans Saint Super Bowl winner, ex-boyfriend of jersey chaser Kim Kardashian, and a Heisman Trophy winner… or at least used to be a Heisman Trophy winner.

After much speculation, the former USC player

Reggie Bush ponders how much money he can get for selling the Heisman Trophy

has given back the Heisman Trophy he won in 2005. Bush came under fire after he was investigated by the NCAA for taking gifts during the 2005 college football season. Accepting $100,000s of dollars in gifts for him and his family from sports agents, Bush was declared ineligible for the 2005 season, prompting Bush to forfeit the trophy for college football’s most valuable player. Now the Heisman committee has decided there will be no winner, after some believe the award would go to second place winner Vince Young.
“We have determined there will be no winner of the 2005 Heisman Trophy,” Bill Dockery, the president of the Heisman Trophy Trust, said in an interview with ESPN on Wednesday. “We’re five years out and it would be too late to have a re-vote. Things have changed since that time. Who would ever know where the votes would go if we removed [Bush] from the picture…You could never recreate the exact scenario to recalibrate those votes without another vote. We think its time to look forward and not back.

Agreeing with the committee, Young, who currently plays for the Tennessee Titans said, “I would not want [the award]. In 2005, Reggie Bush was the Heisman Trophy winner, so why would I want it?” Young said. While Young led the Texas Longhorns to the NCAA Championship in 2005, he has not found the same Super Bowl success as Bush.
This is the first time the Heisman Trophy has ever been given back, including after OJ Simpson was trialed for murder. Congratulations Reggie Bush… you are worse than a murder.

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Sam Bradford signs for $78m

The No.1 overall NFL draft pick, Sam Bradford has just agreed to a $78m contract, $50, which is guaranteed. The guaranteed contract is the most ever for a single contract in the NFL, for veterans or rookies. The St. Louis rookie found success at Oklahoma. The QB led the Sooners to a National Championship and won a Hesiman Trophy. Bradford’s senior season came to an abrupt halt when Bradford had to have shoulder surgery.

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LeBron James pendant controversy

Vaneisha Robinson an amateur boxer, bought a LeBron James pendant for $5.00 at a garage sale. Impressed by her bargain shopping, Robinson decided to have the pendant apprised where she discovered it was worth $10,000.

In the midst of LeBron’s “decision,” Robinson decided to capitalize and sell the pendant on E-Bay. Robinson was contacted by Maverick O. Carter, who is a high school friend of James and CEO of LeBron James marking company LRMR. Carter claimed the pendant was his, and it was stolen. Carter or “Maverick” invited Robinson to his home where he said him and LeBron James would like to negotiate to buy back the pendant.

When Robinson arrived at Carter’s home, neither James or Carter were there. Instead, Carter’s mom and a bunch of neighborhood “thugs” greeted Robinson by blocking in her truck in the driveway and threatening to give back the pendant. Police are now investigating, and Robinson said she was fearful for her life.

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