11 Notre Dame football players arrested at house party

After last season’s bust, the Fighting Irish are not getting the good start to their school year like they wanted to. 11 Notre Dame football players were arrested at a house party in South Bend. The players were mainly freshmen and sophomores, but Joe Montana’s son (pictured above), Nate a walk-on quarterback, was among those charged with underage drinking.

In total 43 were arrested, including two basketball players and a hockey player. According to WNDU.com, “All those arrested were held overnight until their blood alcohol content had dropped to legal levels.”

In their defense, they were just living up to the Irish name.

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Sam Bradford gaurenteed contract could change the NFL

St. Louis Rams are trying to negotiate a contract with the No.1 pick Sam Bradford. The Rams hope to finalize a deal by Friday in time for training camp. The former Heisman Trophy winner is expected to land the richest contract in NFL history.

Bradford’s reps are trying to get guaranteed money in the area of $45-50 million… this coming from a guy who ended his college season early with shoulder surgery.

Last year the Detroit Lions gave No.1 overall pick Matt Stafford a six-year deal for $41.7 m in guaranteed money. Bradford’s contract is expected to exceed Stafford’s contract by at least $5 million… not bad for a kid who didn’t even throw at the NFL Combine.

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Look smart: NCAA touranment expands to 68 teams

Come March, the NCAA Tournament will look a little different as it adds four more teams. The final four at-large teams and final four automatic qualifiers in the new tournament format.

It was anticipated the tournament would expand to 96 teams. Instead, the four additional teams will play four play-in games before the traditional Thursday/Friday opening round. The play-in games will be called the “First Four” and would be played the Tuesday or Wednesday after Selection Sunday (when the tournament teams are announced) and will be on truTV.

Two of the play-in games will be between the No.65-68 teams (as expected). Its winner will go onto to face the No.1 teams in Thursday and Friday’s games. The other two play-in games will between the final four at-large winners (the final four teams picked to be in the tournament).

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Texas will NOT join the Pac 12

In the mega-conference shuffle, Texas has thrown everyone for a loop hole by deciding to stay in the Big 12.

After Nebraska left for the Big 10 and Colorado the Pac 10, Texas’ departure would have been the final nail in the Big 12 coffin.

Texas’s decision to stay in Big 12 creates challenges for the Pac 10s and Big 10s plans to merge into mega-conferences by luring teams away from the Big 12…. but with Texas staying that won’t be happening.

The purpose of the mega-conferences were to make more money, but Texas found away to do that without joining the Pac 10. Texas was able to negotiate TV revenue where the Longhorns would receive $20 m and the other schools would get between $14-17m.

Many are speculating how long it will last and believe the Big 12 will only fall further back in TV rights. But for now, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State are all staying put.

Alas the most confusing part of the mega-conference shuffle is that the Big 12 now has 10 teams, while the Big 10 now has 12 teams!

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