Auburn fans boycotting Old Navy

Auburn fans take their rivalry with Alabama seriously and are not happy about an Old Navy commercial portraying one of their own as a pizza delivery man. In the commercial for Old Navy’s new collegiate line, the Auburn fan befriends the Crimson Tide by bringing pizza. Now, fans are calling for the Tigers to boycott the clothing chain and have even set up Facebook group. I doubt any Alabama fans are liking the page…

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Weekend Video: Dick Vitale hangs up on radio show

Dick Vitale hung up on the Dan Lebatard show after he defended University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Callipari. Lebatard compared Callipari’s recent NCAA infractions to the University of Miami football scandal, which uncovered that players were receiving money for vacations, extravagant gifts and prostitutes!

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NCAA changes rules to allow cream cheese on bagels

After Yahoo Sports discovered that University of Miami football players received inappropriate benefits from a former booster, which included money, vacations and prostitutes, the NCAA has decided to amend its rule violations…… and will now allow cream cheese on bagels!

Under current NCAA legislation, schools are prohibited from serving recruits toppings on their bagels. But now the Big East has brought forward Proposal No. 2011-78 to the NCAA council calling for set butter, cream cheese, jelly or peanut butter on top of bagels to be provide for perspective student athletes.

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Ohio radio station offers Casey Anthony $10,000 to wear Michigan hat

When Casey Anthony was discovered to be hiding out in Ohio and wearing a Ohio State hate (Go Blue!) it explained a lot… but now an Ohio radio station is offering the nation’s most notrious woman $10,000 if she wears a Michigan hat. According to 10TV, the radio show “The Dave and Jimmy Show,” host Jimmy “Jam” says that “10,000 is a good trade off for wearing a Michigan hat.” Anthony has family in northeast Ohio and was snapped by photographers shopping at an Old Navy in downtown Lennox. When TMZ posted the photos,

“We are never surprised to see Buckeye pride displayed across the world,” an Ohio State representative told TMZ. “Buckeye hoodies and hats have traditionally been spotted across the world, and we understand that as a result, our logo will be seen in a wide range of news situations, whether positive or negative.”

Disdained Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel is supposedly happy about Anthony being spotted in the hat, because he is no longer Buckeye nation’s most hated!

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