Navy carrier that burried Bin Laden will host college basketball game

The US Navy ship that casted Osama Bin Laden’s body into the Arabian Sea will now host a college basketball game against two school power houses… if that’s not American I don’t know what is! The USS Carl Vinson will host the standoff between the University of North Carolina and Michigan State. 7,000 lucky fans, mostly military personnel and their families, will watch the two school power houses square off. The carrier ship will be docked off San Diego and will be hosted 11/11/2011.

Despite the Carl Vinson’s famous track record, the ship was chosen because it will be in US waters but is expected to return to sea by the year’s end. The event is called the Carrier Classic, which the NCAA hopes to make an annual event. #AMERICA

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Pocket dial results in NCAA violation

UGA had to report six NCAA violations after coaches pocket dialed or sent accidental text messages to prospective athletes. The incidents happened in five seperate sports since April. The NCAA prohbits any phone contact with students until one day after singing their letter of intent. Email however is allowed during the recruitment process. Among the reports: an assistant football coach replied to a text message he thought was from a current player, a volleyball coach emailed a UGA alumn who has a “prospective-age” daughter, and the assistant basketball mistakenly sent a text message to a recruit instead of an email on his phone.

Schools are growing more cautious over NCAA violations after Sports Illustrated ivestigated Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel. They uncovered an eight-year pattern of players selling autographs and memorbilia for money and other goods including drugs.

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Top recruit chooses UNC over Duke because of spelling mistake

When top North Carolina basketball recruit PJ Hairston wanted to choose a college close to home, the Duke Blue Devils thought they had it in the bag… that was until Hairston choose rival UNC because of some costly spelling mistakes.

Despite being recruited by Florida, Georgetown and Wake Forest, the Hargrave Military Academy senior narrowed it down to his neighboring schools Duke and North Carolina. Though the schools may only be within 10 miles of each other, and Duke the most recent of the schools to win a championship, Hairston decided to go with UNC because they could spell his name right.

“The thing about Duke was, every time they sent me a letter, they wouldn’t spell my name right,” Hairston said. “They would have ‘T.J. Harrison’ or something like that. And I’m like, ‘OK. How can I go here? You can’t even spell my name right.’ It’s only two letters and HAIR and STON. I’m trying to figure out how that’s so hard.”

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Jimmer Fredette to star in reality show

Now that BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette doesn’t have to go to class anymore, he has turned his sights onto the small screen. The 20-year old who led the nation in scoring will be in a reality show for the NBA draft.

Tupelo-Honey Productionss announced they will document over 100-hours in 30 days leading up to the draft. Jimmer will provide his fans with daily updates in webispodes and video blogs, along with a televised documentary.

“This is an amazing time for me,” Fredette said. “I’m looking forward to preparing for an NBA career, and this project will allow me to share the excitement I’m feeling with the fans who have been with me for my college career. Putting this on the internet means basketball fans everywhere can follow this great opportunity that I’m blessed to have.”

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