Being a Red Head hurts TCU QB’s draft stock

Andy Dalton led TCU to it’s first ever Rose Bowl victory, but his draft stock remains uncertain just days before the NFL’s marquee event. Despite coming from a school of just 8,000 students, it is not Dalton’s experience that has scouts worried but instead his hair color.

 An unnamed director of personnel told Sports Illustrated, “Has there ever been a red-headed quarterback in the NFL who’s really done well?” a coach asked one reporter last week. “It sounds idiotic, but is there any way that could be a factor? We’ve wondered.”

It’s good to know NFL teams keep their priorities straight when it comes to scouting… a player who takes bribes and money illegally- no problem! But a red head? That’s a different story!

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Jimmer Fredette told not to go to class by BYU

BYU’s Jimmer Fredette is too cool for school. The basketball superstar has been told not to go to class by school officials because he is a “distraction to students.” Since Fredette’s return from the NCAA tournament, Fredette cannot go anywhere in Provo without being asked for autographs or pictures… and that includes the classroom. BYU has instead asked Fredette to take online classes.

According to Jimmer’s father Al Fredette, “It was getting too disruptive. He can’t go anywhere in Provo without being recognized.”

While Fredette has no officially declared for the NBA draft, he is expected to go early in the first round.

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Congratulations UConn 2011 NCAA Champions

Congratulations to UConn men’s basketball team who are the 2011 NCAA Champions. The Huskies beat the Butler Bulldogs 53-41, in the lowest scoring championship game since 1949. The UConn students were so bored they decided to try and flip over cars.

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Kentucky could get in trouble for talking to Jay-Z


After the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team clinched their sport in the Final Four, they were congratulated by Jay-Z in the locker room… but hanging with Hova comes at a price and has prompted an NCAA investigation. Under NCAA regulations, NBA owners are not allowed to interact with collegiate athletes. Because Jay-Z is co-owner of the New Jersey Nets he is prohbited from having any contact with amateur athletes. 

In 2007, Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge was fined $30,000 for sitting with then University of Texas star freshme Kevin Durant’s mom. Lucky for Jay-Z, $30,000 is nothing!

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