Florida Panthers host root beer summit

The Florida Panthers hosted a root beer peace summit for two South Florida 6-year olds who go in a hockey fight. The video is posted above, and if there was such a thing as precious in hockey that would be it.

The Panthers invited the players to a root beer summit at the teams training camp facility, much like last year’s beer summit hosted by President Obama.

Star forward Justin Booth hosted the summit and made sure the kids didn’t have too much to drink.

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Max Talbot calls Ovechkin a “douche”

The NHL Winter Classic is not until January, but the drama is already starting in July. This year, the Pittsburgh Penguins will face the Washington Capitals at the Steelers’ Heinz Field. What is sure to be a memorable highlight in the Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby rivalry, it is Penguins winger Max Talbot who is creating friction between Alexander the Great.
In an interview with Pittsburgh radio show 105.9 The X, Talbot said: “I just hate the guy.”  When asked why he had such strong feelings for the two-time league MVP, Talbot revealed his experience with Ovechkin at the NHL Awards last summer.

“Malkin (Evgeni) knew Ovechkin and introduced me to him and first impression wasn’t great. I’m not gonna say what happened, but I’m like,
‘Ok, this guy is a real douche.”

Yesterday, the NHL held a press event for the 2011 Winter Classic, as players fired pucks at the goal posts of Heinz Field.

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LeBron fan wears Miami Heat jersey to Cleveland Indians game

A fan in a LeBron Miami Heat jersey was escorted out of the Cleveland Indians game last night. The Indians played the New York Yankees, and Alex Rodriquez attempted to get his 600th home run. However, A-Rod was over shadowed by the LeBron fan who at in the left-field bleachers as fans chanted obscenities at him.

The fan was later escorted out for his safety and A-Rod failed to reach 600.

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Henrik Zetterberg out does every other celebrity wedding

The pictures above are not from a costume party or of a group of 200 people who lost a bet, they are pictures of Detroit Red Wings Hendrik Zetterberg’s wedding. Zetterberg married his long-time girlfriend, Swedish TV personality Emma Andersson.

The couple will marry this weekend but had pre-wedding festivities complete with Depression-era outfits. Getting your family to wear these outfits is one thing, but if you look you can see many of the Detroit Red Wings in the group picture. In the far right group photo is Pavel Datsyuk and Valtteri Flippula.

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