World Cup Regulation Hottie: Day 17

Jersey to chase: England’s Joe Cole is trading in the World Cup for diaper duty. After England was eliminated form the World Cup, Cole will go home to his new baby Ruby with his wife Carly. Also adding to his busy schedule… Cole will become a free agent on July 1. Since 2003, Cole has played with Chelsea, but the team has announced they will not be renewing their contract with Cole.

Recap: While all eyes have been on the South American teams to win the World Cup, Germany reasserted itself as a favorite. On Sunday, Germany beat England 4-1, but it did not come without controversy.Matt Upson scored the lone goal for England, however another goal by Frank Lampard was disallowed as refs claimed the goal did not go in, outraging England. Also creating drama was the officiating in the Argentina Mexico game. While Argentina won 3-1, the first goal by Carlos Tevez appeared to be well offsides. Day 3 of Round of 16 play continues tomorrow.

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Landon Donovan didn’t win the World Cup but may have a love child

Landon Donovan has been called the “US Soccer’s Golden Boy” and has lived up to the name scoring clutch goals for Team USA during the World Cup. Now as Team USA was eliminated by Ghana, British tabloids are reporting Donovan fathered a love child with a British woman.

When asked about the allegations, Donovan revealed to “I was informed of the possibility during the World Cup, and if I need to take responsibility, then I will provide the appropriate support.”

As reported on Thursday, Donovan is reconciling with his wife with whom he separated with last August. According to US Weekly, “Donovan’s wife, Bianca Kajich wasn’t blindsided by the allegations and is not angry.”

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World Cup Regulation Hottie Recap: Day 16

Jersey to chase: As Team USA heads home, Carlos Bocanega heads back the primarily French Ligue 1 club Rennes…. and the US team captain is still hot ;)

Recap: Team USA was eliminated by the same pain in the back from 2006. Ghana defeated the US in the round of 16.. While Ghana scored first, the US tied it up with a penalty kick from Landon Donovan. Then in the 93rd minute, Asamoah Gyan scored the game winning goal, and the US were sent home packing. Also eliminated was South Korea, who lost to Uruguay 2-1. Both of the goals came form Luis Suarez.

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World Cup Regulation Hottie Recap: Day 15

Jersey to chase: Cesc Fabregas is moving on with Team Spain to the round of 16. Fabregas is the captain of the Premier League side Arsenal at only 23. But don’t let his age fool year, Fabregas was signed by Arsenal at just 16. Despite his history with the club, Catalan club Barcelona is looking to steal away Fabregas by offering him a €35 million deal.

Recap: Friday marked the completion of Groups G and H, and things went according to plan… unlike other group play. In Switzerland’s first game of the tournament, they beat favorite Spain. However, Switzerland failed to advance to the round of 16 after tying with Honduras in their third and final group game. Despite losing in their first game, Spain advanced after beating, Chile 2-1. Although Chile lost and star player Marco Estrada picked up his second yellow card, the Chileans will still be advancing. For Group G, Brazil and Portugal (tournament favorites) advanced with ease as the powerhouses played each other in a 0-0 meaningless draw. Group G had another meaningless match between North Korea and Cote D’Ivoire. Cote D’Ivorie pulled out the win, 3-0, but both teams head home. North Korea was on of two teams in the tournament who failed to get at least one point in their group.

Look Smart: Difference between knockout rounds and group play? In group play, teams could tie and the point standings determined who advanced to the round of 16 (second round). After group play, teams can no longer tie. After 90-minutes of play, teams play two 15 minute periods. The extra play is not sudden death, but if teams are still tied after the 30 minutes, the winner will be determined by penalty kicks.

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