World Cup Day 12 Regulation Hottie Recap

Regulation hottie: Argentinean Lionel Messi is considered one of the world’s best soccer player and won the FIFA World Player of the Year. Despite having yet to score in the World Cup tournament, Messi got our hunk of the day honor since he celebrates his birthday on Thursday. Argentina remains a heavy favorite in the World Cup and is first in Group B with 9 points.

Recap: Messi’s Aregnina beat Greece 2-0 to advance and take Group B. Both goals were scored in the second-half. France scored its first goal of the touranment in their 2-1 loss to South Africa. Off the field drama distracted France for much of the tournament and now the French are headed home. Meanwhile, South Africa advances when many doubted the home-country would get out of the first round. Nigeria became the third African nation to be eliminated as they tied South Korea 2-2. Nigeria lost their first two games and needed a victory to advance. With the tie, South Korea advances to the next Round of 16 for the second time in history.

Tomorrow: The two biggest games tomorrow are both in Group C as America takes on Algeria and England plays Slovenia. Both the US and England need to win to advance. The US can sneak by with a tie as long as England loses. Both games start tomorrow at 10am!

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World Cup Regulation Hottie Recap Day 11

Hottie: In honor of Spain’s victory over Honduras, is profiling Gerard Pique. Pique comes from a wealthy Catalan family, and his grandfather is even the former vice-president of Barcelona. Pique has got the stats to back it up his looks and trust-fund. The 23-year old helped Barca become the first Spanish team to complete the treble (three major championships in a year). Will he help Spain win a championship?

Recap: Today, Spain outshot Honduras 22-9 to get the win 2-0. Spain and Chile are battling for first place in Group H. Chile also got the win in the second game, beating Switzerland 1-0.

In Group G, North Korea played and lost to Portugal 7-0. In their first World Cup game, Korea DRP put up a good fight against the No.1 team Brazil only losing 2-1. Six of Portugal’s goals came in the second-half. Group G is undoubtedly the hardest group in the World Cup and will have their final group games on Friday.Brazil will play Portugal and Korea DRP the Ivory Coast. While Brazil has already qualified to move onto the quarterfinals, Portugal must either beat or tie Brazil.

* Tomorrow’s game to watch: France v. South Africa. While all eyes have been on South Africa, for this game, attention will shift towards France. On Sunday, France refused to practice to protest the expulsion of teammate Nicolas Anelka. Anelka went on a profanity tirade against France’s head coach after Raymond Domenech criticized Anelka’s playing in the first-half.

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World Cup: What the US needs to do to move on

The US’ second World Cup game ended in controversy, as Team USA tied Slovenia, 2-2. Mali referee Koman Colibaly disallowed American Maurice Edu’s 85th goal that would have won US the game.

Also tying in their second game was England, who played Algeria and tied 0-0. With both England and the US tying both of their World Cup games, it will come down to Wednesday’s third and final group games as to who advances. USA will play Algeria, while England faces off against Slovenia.

Here is how the US can still advance:

Option 1: US wins against Algeria, the U.S will then have 5 pts (England and Slovenia play each other, therefore only one of the teams will reach 5 pts)
Option 2: US ties Algeria and England loses and or ties with Slovenia (US must maintain goal advantage over England… US has three goals while England has one)

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Look Smart: Vuvuzelas (annoying sound at the World Cup)

If you have been watching the World Cup you probably notice the annoying horn that sounds like static or buzzing bees. But there is nothing wrong with your TV, fans are actually purposely making the sound…. and is capable of reaching 127 decibels.

The vuvuzela is a blowing horn popular among South African soccer fans. While many versions of horns are popular throughout soccer, including the corneta in Brazil, the vuvuzela is favored because of its plastic mold and became popular in South Africa during the 90s. Its name is deprived form Zulu or making a “vuvu” noise.

The vuvuzela has taken over the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and many are calling for a ban on the horn because of its disturbance. Broadcasters along with coaches from the Netherlands and Spain have supported the ban. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo said the vuvuzelas broke the team’s concentration.

Despite the criticism, FIFA is not banning the vuvuzelas. FIFA President, Sepp Blatter said: “Would you want to see a ban on the fan traditions in your country.”

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