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Bill Maher buys minority stake in Mets

Bill Maher is now owner of the NY Mets. The comedian purchased a minority stake in the team.

“First of all, I think it’s a great investment,” Maher said.  ”People sometimes forget that there’s only one National League franchise in New York City and they’re not making anymore.  I’m a Met fan all my life and I think it would be a great place.”

The purchase comes after the team fell into financial struggles in the wake of the Bernie Madoff  investment scandal. The team was sued by the trustee seeking to recover money from the victims of the Ponzi scheme. In September, the team called off a $200 m minority sale of the team, instead opting to sell limited partner shares.

“It happened months ago,” Maher said.  ”It’s the first time I’ve been in New York, so we didn’t say anything. But I read about it  in the paper in December saying the Mets  were available— that you could buy these limited partnerships.”

Maher was at the Mets game on Sunday for an on the field ceremony at Citi Field. Though the Mets did not say how much Maher owned of the team, in March the team announced that 12 minority stakes were sold for $240 million.

“I’m just a fan,” Maher said. “I’m not going to get involved.  I think my role is going to be bringing luck to the team— they didn’t have a no-hitter for 50 years, I buy in and I come to town and there’s a no hitter.  Draw your own conclusions.”

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