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Erin Barry Grease video with Tony Parker and Eva Longoria for Spurs promo remake of Sumer Nights

Before the sexting allegations broke, Erin Barry, Eva Longoria, and Tony Parker were in a remake of the Grease song Summer Nights. The video was for a San Antonio Spurs promo for the 2009 NBA season. In the video, Longoria played Sandy and Parker played Danny Zuko. Playing the park of jealous girl with an attitude Rizo is Erin Barry. In the video, Rizzo, or Erin Barry can be seen kicking Longoria’s character into a trash can. #TEAMEVA

…Not seen in the video? Erin Barry’s husband and Parker’s teammate Brent Barry.

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Police surronding Erin Barry’s house to keep paparazzi out; affecting law school classes

Poor Erin Barry, after reports surfaced that she was the other woman involved in the cheating / sexting allegations and responsible for the divorce of Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, she has been shoved into the media spotlight.

Erin Barry has not left her house since Wednesday because of the paparazzi frendzie. According to the San Antonio Dispatch, police have been called to the Terrell Hills home to keep everything under control. Erin Barry and her ex-husband and Parker’s former San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry have owned the home since 2004, and it is valued at $2 million.

Erin Barry is currently in law school at St. Mary’s in San Antonio. While Erin Barry was in class on Wednesday, she did not go to class yesterday. Erin Barry has shown interest in the law field before. She helped write Senate Bill 6 to help reform Child Protective Services.

Someone commented on the Washington Post’s coverage of the Parker Longoria divorce saying, “I go to law school w/Erin Barry. She seemed like a very nice lady, given we’ve only talked a few times, but very intelligent and personable.”

St. Mary’s semester finals being on November 30 and run through December 10…. so it looks like she is going to be leaving her house soon!

Image via San Antonio Dispatcher

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Tony Parker speaks out on divorce with Eva Longoria

In the video above, Eva Longoria, Tony Parker and the woman he is accused of having an affair with Erin Barry along with her husband Brent Barry can be seen at the 2007 San Antonio Spurs championship parade. After cheating allegations with a teammate’s wife have emerged, Parker has spoken out about his divorce form wife of three years. In a statement released by Parker’s PR rep:

“Eva and I have been discussing our situation privately. I was aware that she would be filing for divorce in Los Angeles… I did not file for divorce in Texas and did not hire divorce attorneys in either Texas or California,” he says. “We plan to continue to keep our discussions of this matter private.”

On Tuesday, TMZ reported a story that Parker filed for divorce in Texas, but Longoria’s rep released a statement saying it was untrue.

There are many rumors involving the relationship between Parker and former San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry’s wife Erin Barry. The New York Post is reporting Erin Barry and Parker plan to continue their relationship after their divorces are final. TMZ reports a different story, saying that Paker and Erin Barry did not have a sexual relationship and only sexted… try asking Tiger Woods and Brett Favre to see how the old sexting excuse worked!

It was just last month Longoria was on Ellen talking about her and Parker’s three year wedding anniversary on how he always surprises her. Check out 1:53 of the clip when Longoria eludes to the future and tells her husband, “He can’t get anything by me!”


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Brent Barry’s father speaks out on Tony Parker Erin Barry cheating allegations; Eva Longoria confirms affair

Brent Barry’s father has confirmed what we all already knew; Tonny Parker cheated on his wife Eva Longoria with teammate Brent Barry’s wife Erin. Rick Barry is a legendary NBA player, whose son Brent followed in his footsteps playing in the NBA from 1995 until last year when he was waived by the Houston Rockets. Longoria allegedly discovered the text messages between Erin Barry and Parker confirming the affair.

Rick Barry told TMZ, “I feel horrible for my son. I’m in shock.”

Longoria allegedly discovered the text messages between Erin Barry and her husband prompting her to file for divorce today at a Los Angeles courthouse.

“I knew [Erin] was moving out of the house soon and SHE was the one that filed for divorce. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back,” Rick told TMZ.

Brent Barry and Tony Parker were teammates from 2004-2008. Brent and Erin Barry filed for divorce two weeks ago, and a source told Examiner.com that it was likely Brent Barry who contacted Longoria to tell her about the text messages.

Rick added, “He (Brent) is going to be devastated.  I can’t even imagine him going through this … the divorce was hard enough news.”

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