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Jenn Sterger’s father warns Brett Favre what’d he do if he’d see him in a dark alley

For the last post of 2010, it’s only fitting that it be pertaining to the Jenn Sterger- Brett Favre sext message controversial. Yesterday, the league announced they would be fining Favre $50,000 for failure to cooperate with the NFL in their sexual harassment investigation. But Leo Sterger is not happy about the outcome. Mr. Sterger told Radar Online, “As a father I’m furious” and better not meet that guy walking down a dark alley.”

I hope for Jenn’s sake her father doesn’t see any of her naked pictures she has taken when he types her name into Google! Remember only a few more hours to vote for Jenn Sterger for Jersey Chaser of the Year. Have a safe holiday and a great rest of 2010! xoxox TJC

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Brett Favre fined $50,000 for Sterger text messages

After months of deliberating the NFL has fined Brett Favre $50,000 for sending former NY Jets sideline reporter Jenn Sterger inappropriate text messages. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell determined there was not sufficient enough evidence to determine if Favre violated the league’s player conduct policy, but instead fined Favre for failure to cooperate with the NFL’s investigation.

Sterger has threatened to press legal charges if the league did not take action. Under New Jersey law, Sterger cannot file sexual harassment charges because New Jersey statue of limitations only gives a person a two-year window. Sterger had until December 28, ironically one day before Goodell made his announcement.

In the NFL’s official statement:

The NFL office conducted an investigation to determine whether Brett Favre’s interaction with New York Jets game-day employee Jenn Sterger in 2008 violated the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.

In reviewing the matter, the sole focus was on whether there was a violation of league policies regarding conduct in the workplace. NFL policies do not extend to private conduct or make judgments about the appropriateness of personal relationships, except where that conduct or those relationships raise issues under the law or league policies.

The investigation included an analysis of publicly available reports; a series of interviews with knowledgeable individuals, including Sterger and Favre; a review of communications between the two furnished to our office; and independent forensic analysis of electronically stored material. The investigation was limited in several respects because the conduct occurred in 2008 but was not brought to our attention until this fall. As a result, certain records and individuals were unavailable to the NFL.

The announcement comes three months after the league first announced it was investigating and during the final week of the regular season. The league has been criticized for its slow decision making, but you know how reliable cell phone service is…

UPDATE: Jenn Sterger and her lawyers released a statment saying they were disappointed but not surprised at the NFL’s ruling.

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Jenn Sterger only has until end of today to file sexual harassment charges against Favre

Jenn Sterger only has until the end of the day to file sexual harassments charges against Brett Favre. According to New Jersey statue of limitations, a person only has a two-year window to file a sexual harassment charges against a former employee. The last game Favre played in a NY Jets uniform was December 28, 2008. Sterger has accused Favre of sending inappropriate sext messages when she was a former Jets sideline reporter

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has not made his ruling on whether or not Favre violated the league’s personal conduct policy. Sterger has threatened legal action if Goodell does not punish Favre. Time’s also running out to vote for Sterger for Jersey Chaser of the Year!

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Is Brett Favre’s career dead?

Brett Favre left yesterday’s Minnesota Vikings-Chicago Bears game with a head concussion. During the second quarter, Bears tight end Corey Woottman sacked Favre, causing Favre to watch the rest of the game from the sideline as the Bears beat the Vikings 40-13. Favre missed his first start in 18 years last week with a sprained SC joint in his right shoulder. All signs point that Favre’s career is over, even telling the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, “I don’t know with this concussion, based on my decision-making, I probably shouldn’t tell you one way or the other right now. I don’t regret it. I wish it would have turned out differently.”

Thanks to blog brother ItsAlwaysSunnyinDetroit for Brett’s final photo.

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