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More women coming forward about Brett Favre sexual harrasment

Yesterday, Deadspin.com released photos and voicemails of Brett Favre trying to seduce NY Jets sideline report Jenn Streger. The incident happened back in 2008, Favre’s lone season with the Jets. Now, two other women are coming froward saying they too were sexually harassed by Favre.

Both women worked as massage therapists for the Jets and were approached by Favre at training camp. Favre made crude comments to the first women while she was massaging another player. The second woman, who was massaging Favre, gave the veteran QB her phone number. According to NFL sources, it is not uncommon for players to call massesuses for extra massage sessions. But Favre wanted more than just a massage. The text messages got so out of hand the woman’s husband got involved and demanded an apology.

The couple contacted an attorney, but because the masseuse was a private contractor, there were no grounds for harrasment. Both women and the husband have chosen to remain anonymous.

In the meantime, the NFL is looking into Deadspin.com’s Jenn Streger allegations against Favre. Favre has been married to his wife Deanna for fourteen years, but the couple have dated since high scool. Deanna is a breast cancer survivor and has stood by Favre for two rehab stints.

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Brett Favre sexting pictures and voicemails

This past summer, Deadspin.com uncovered a story that in Brett Favre’s lone season with the NY Jets in 2009, the veteran quarterback tried to seduce sideline reporter Jenn Streger. Today, Deadspin.com has released a video revealing provocative photos and voicemials that Favre allegedly sent to Streger. While there is no proof the photos are actualy Favre, Deadspin is going so far to claim that Jets media relations manager Jared Winley acted as Favre’s accomplice.

Many are saying the nude pictures go against the NFL player conduct policy, and Favre could face suspension. When asked about the scandal at a press conference, Favre was caught off guard but chose to remain mum.

While I will not post the video, you can check it out at Deadspin.com.

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Look Smart: Randy Moss traded to Minnesota Vikings

Who to know: Randy Moss, Tom Brady, Brett Favre

What to know: Randy Moss traded from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings for a third round draft pick

Why you need to know it: Moss is a 7-time Pro Bowler receiver who was in the final year of his contract with New England. After the Pats gave Brady a contract but not Moss, the future Hall of Famer asked to be traded. Before the start of the season Moss said, “”When you have done so much and put so much work in, it kind of feels like I am not wanted. I am taking that in stride and playing my final year out and whatever the future holds is what it holds, but it is kind of a bad feeling — feeling not wanted. It is not like my production has gone down.”

Someone who did want Moss was Minnesota Vikings’ QB Brett Favre. Favre was  instrumental in getting Moss to come back to the team that drafted him and where he started his career. The Vikings were a Super Bowl favorite but are 1-2. Part of the reason for Minnesota’s  rough start are injuries to their recovers. Pro Bowler Sidney Rice is out for the first 6-weeks with a hip injury, and Percy Harvin is day to day with migraine headaches. The Vikings play the NY Jets on Monday night, and Moss is expected to be in a purple and gold uniform.

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Brett Favre sexting sports reporter Jenn Sterger

Deadspin.com is reporting that model and sports reporter Jenn Sterger received sext messages from Brett Favre. Sterger supposedly got the text messages when she was a sideline reporter for the New York Jets in 2008, Favre’s only season with the team.

Sterger has posed for Maxim and Playboy but would not go on record to confirm the Farve story until now.

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