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Jenn Sterger to speak to the NFL on Favre sext messages

After Jenn Sterger was fired from Versus, the woman behind the Brett Favre sexting allegations has decided to speak with the NFL in their investigation. Charley Casserly of CBS is reporting that Sterger has agreed to be interviewed by the league in their investigation of Brett Favre violating NFL Personal Conduct Policies.

Sterger had been adamant that she would not meet with league officials until now. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said while the league would like to confirm if the photos are form Favre, they are also interested in knowing why Sterger did not report the incident two years ago when it happened.

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Versus does not renew Jenn Sterger’s contract

Sports Business Journal broke the news that Versus will not be renewing its contract with Jenn Sterger and have decided to cancel Sterger’s show “The Daily Line.” Versus execs are worried they will be blamed for wrongful termination adding more fuel to the Brett Favre sexual harassment fire. However, according to The Sports Business Journal, Versus decided months ago not to renew Sterger’s contract, but she only found out recently.

Throughout the Favre scandal, Sterger did not talk about it on “The Daily Line.” The cancellation of the show is due to poor ratings, which begs the question: don’t all shows on Versus get bad ratings?

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Friend says Jenn Sterger texted back Brett Favre

There are new developments in the Brett Favre sexting saga…. the NY Post is reporting that a friend of Jenn Sterger says the former NY Jets sideline reporter did in fact corresponded with Favre. Deadspin.com released voicemails and sext messages Favre sent to Sterger, but up until this time it was unclear if Sterger ever responded.

The friend, Allison Torres says she was with Sterger when Favre sent the nude photos and that Sterger would often text Favre. Torres does not know if Sterger had a sexual relationship with Favre but did tell the NY Post:

“I just know they kept texting each other back and forth and that he wanted to hook up. I wouldn’t doubt she was enjoying the attention from him.”

While Sterger is not cooperating with league officials during the investigation, Torres says she is “clearly trying to exploit an unfortunate situation and capitalize on the opportunity to see her name in print.”

Torres also said that Favre would try and get Sterger to come over to his hotel while his family lived in Morristown, NJ. Sterger is currently a sports personality on Versus, and her and Torres have not spoken in a few months. 
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SNL spoofs Brett Favre, QB admits to leaving voicemails

Saturday Night Live spoofed the Brett Favre Jenn Sterger controversy. On Tuesday, league officials met with Favre to investigate on whether or not he sent sext messages to the former NY Jets sideline reporter. Now, reports are coming out that Favre admitted to leaving Sterger voicemails but adamantly denies sending Sterger any picture messages.  The NFL hopes to wrap up the investigation within the week.

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