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Chad Ochocinco changing his name back to Johnson

The artist formally known as Chad Ochocinco is changing his name back to Johnson. Ochocinco told NFL Live despite past drama he is staying with the Cincinnati Bengals in the final year of his contract and will start fresh by changing his name back to Johnson. The 6-time Pro Bowler first adopted the last name in 2006 during Hispanic Heritage Month. Ochocinco announced he would like to go by “Ocho Cinco,” in honor of his football number 85.

On October 29, 2006, during warm-ups before the Atlanta Falcons game, Ochocinco wore a jersey with the name “Ochocinco” on the back. Just before kickoff, Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer ripped the name tag on the jersey to reveal C.Johnson. The NFL fined Ochocinco $5,000. In 2008, Ochocinco legally changed his name, forcing the league to allow Ochocinco to have the last name on his jersey for the 2009 season.

As fellow Chaser AJ pointed out… Ochocinco is engaged, which maybe the real reason he is changing his last name back to Johnson. Who would want to be Mrs. Ochocinco… ¡Ay, caramba!

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Woman suing Cincinnati Bengals for broken nose

A Kentucky couple is suing the Cincinnati Bengals and a beer vendor at Paul Brown Stadium after he over served two fans sitting behind them during a 2009 Bengals game. The intoxicated men were so drunk, they fell and broke the woman’s nose resulting in surgery and over $20,000 in medical bills.

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Terrell Owens using matchmaker service

Cincinnati Bengals receiver Terrell Owens has hired a matchmaking service to find love. The high end matchmaker service charges clients between $15,000- $150,000 for a chance at love. T.O is looking for an exotic girl who looks like Kim Kardashian…good thing the service has 18 international offices.

The ever outspoken Owens was previously engaged and has a 11-year old son.Thejerseychaser.com reported back in August that T.O was dating singer Brandy. Maybe T.O should take the advice from teammate and friend Chad Ochocinco, who had a dating show on VH1.

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Chad Ochocinco hosts WWE Monday Night Raw

Chad Ochocinco hosted tonight’s episode of WWE’s Monday Night Raw. Ochocinco and his Cincinnati Bengals suffered a tough loss to the New England Patriots yesterday, but he put it behind him to host Monday Night Raw. Hosted at the US Bank Arena in Cinncy, Chad introduced the event and called himself the best looking guest host. WWE wrestler, the Miz (also known as Mike from Real World New York) fought with the Bengals receiver claiming that the Bengals will never win a Superbowl. Though I may agree with the Miz… my money is on Ochocinco in this fight, he did take on a horse after all.

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