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Chad Ochocinco falls off bull… gets $10K

With the NFL locked out, Chad Ochocino has to get a paycheck somehow. This time the outspoken Cincinnati Bengal rode a bull . Ochocinco accepted a challenge from Professional Bulls Riders Association CEO Sean Gleason.

Gleason bet Ochocino he could not stay on the bull for more than 8 seconds to win a brand new Ford150 and would have gotten a chance to rename the bull. Despite falling off in the first two second, Ochocinco did not walk away empty handed and won $10,000.

It’s too bad Ochocinco didn’t last because he was planning on naming the bull after Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis, saying on Twitter: “Why not name the bull Marvin Lewis, everything he says about me is #Bull[expletive] anyway!”

Maybe Chad should stick to dancing….

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Oldest cheerleader inspires movie

At 42, Laura Vikmanis is the oldest cheerleader in the NFL. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Cincinnati Ben-Gals member is having her life turned into a movie. In the ultimate breakup revenge, the mother of two teenage daughters got into cheerleading after her husband left her.

Vikmanis had been a dancer he entire life, and thought cheering for the team looked like fun. Though she didn’t make it the first year, Vikmanis spent a year improving her fitness and getting into shape. Now, she is a registered dietitian and older sister to the 20-something teammates.

 The writers from Gnomeo and Juliet will pen the script.  Writer Kathy Greenberg even compares it to Oscar wrothy saying, “It’s really a feel good populist story in the vein of Blind Side. It’s got more comedy to be sure, but it’s an earnest story.” Bring it on Laura!

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Ochocinco gets tryout with MLS team

With next year’s NFL season still up in the air, players are trying to get by where they can, if that means moving in with their parents or changing careers. Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Chad Ochocino is trying out for an MLS team. The controversial wide receiver has a four-day tryout with Sporting Kansas City. Ochocinco confirmed his possible career change via Twitter saying, “Due to the NFL lockout, I’m excited to be able to follow my childhood dream of playing for a Major League Soccer team.”

While Sporting Kansas City is claiming this is not a publicity stunt, they were in the news last week for announcing that their new stadium would be called Livestrong Sporting Park, despite Lance Armstrong’s foundation not paying for naming rights.

At least Ochocinco is still playing futbol!

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Chad Ochocinco and TO fighting on Twitter

The men who once called themselves Batman and Robin got into a heated dispute on Twitter over this offseason’s Cincinnati Bengals drama. Chad Ochocinco lashed out at Terrell Owens for being blamed for Carson Palmer asking to be traded or he would retire.

In January, Palmer told the Bengals organization he wanted out after spending his entire career with the team. After professing themselves as the Super Bowl favorite, the Bengals went a disappointing 4-12.

In the heated exchange, Ochocinco told TO, “Man its your f*&ing fault m QB is retiring, I should whoop our ass cause the blaming me.” TO called Ochocinco’s play out even reffering to the super hero nicknames, “Where was Robin all year?”

… No time for compliments Robin.


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