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Delonte West comments on rumors of an affair with LeBron James’ mom

Many NBA sources speculate that LeBron James left Cleveland because teammate Delonte West had an affair with his mom, Gloria James. LeBron was allegedly furious when he found out about the hanky panky that went down at his own MVP party.

West also left Cleveland this off season and signed with the Boston Celtics and will be suspended for the first 10 games of the season for a convicted weapons charge.

It was media day for the Boston Celtics, and reporters asked West if there was any truth to the rumors. West responded: “I come from an era where you don’t say nothing bad about someone’s parents.”

… that still doesn’t answer the question, but sure does make things interesting!

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LeBron fan wears Miami Heat jersey to Cleveland Indians game

A fan in a LeBron Miami Heat jersey was escorted out of the Cleveland Indians game last night. The Indians played the New York Yankees, and Alex Rodriquez attempted to get his 600th home run. However, A-Rod was over shadowed by the LeBron fan who at in the left-field bleachers as fans chanted obscenities at him.

The fan was later escorted out for his safety and A-Rod failed to reach 600.

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Jesse Jackson calls Dan Gilbert a slave master

After LeBron James announced he would not be returning to Cleveland, Cavilers owner Dan Gilbert wrote an open letter to Cavs fans criticizing LeBron. Now, African American activist Jesse Jackson has come to LeBron’s defense. According to Jackson, Gilbert views LeBron as a “runaway slave” and “speaks at the “owner of LeBron and not the owner of the Cleveland Cavilers.” Jackson went on to say “His feelings of betrayal pesonify a slave master mentality. This is an owner employee relationship- between business partners- and LeBron honored his contract.”

Jackson believes Gilbert should face a “challenge” from the league and players’ association for his “mean, arrogant, and presumptuous comments.”

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Dan Gilbert responds to slave master accusation; fined $1,000

Dan Gilbert issued a statement on Monday after Jesse Jackson called him a slave master for his remarks about LeBron James leaving Cleveland. Gilbert responded: “I strongly disagree with Rev. Jesse Jackson’s recent comments and we are not going to engage in any related discussion on it. Going forward, we’re very excited about the Cavaliers and positive future of our region.”

Gilbert may have put an end to Jesse Jackson’s comments, but now he must answer to League Commissioner David Stern. At the owners’ meeting in Las Vegas, Stern fined Gilbert $100,000 saying his remarks were “extreme.”

Now fans are offering to help out Gilbert. A Cavaliers spokesperson has said the team has received thousands of phone calls and E-mails offering to help pay the fine.

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