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Cliff Lee’s wife didn’t want him to sign with Yankees after treatment by fans during playoffs

Way to go Yankees fans! Future Hall-of-Famer Cliff Lee turned down a six-year $132 million contract from the New York Yankees to take between $34-50 million less by singing with the Philadelphia Phillies. The reason? An incident stemming from this year’s playoffs when Yankees fans spit on Lee’s wife and threw beer on her when New York played the Texas Rangers.

Kristen Lee was outspoken about the incident. Back in October she told the Huffington Post: “The fans did not do good things in my heart. When people are staring at you, and saying horrible things, it’s hard not to take it personal.”

That’s one point for #TeamJerseyChaser. Remember Yankees fans…. happy wife, happy life!

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Bio: Cliff Lee

Clifton Phifer “Cliff” Lee (born August 30, 1978) is a Major League Baseball left-handed starting pitcher who is currently a free agent. Lee has played for the Cleveland Indians, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers.

Lee’s repertoire features a four-seam fastball, two-seam fastball, a cut fastball as well as a circle changeup and a knuckle curve. Lee won the American League Cy Young Award in 2008. In 2010, Lee turned down a six-year $132 million contract to sign with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Source Wikipedia

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