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Gossip Girl star NOT dating Aaron Rodgers

Jersey Chaser False Alarm: Although Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl victory and took home MVP honors, he and Jessica Szohr are not dating. The couple have been linked together since November, but according to Szohr’s rep, who told GossipCop.com, “They are not dating.” This raises questions as Szohr was spotted at a Milwaukee Bukcs game and in Philadelphia with Rodgers after the Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles early in the playoffs. Either Rodgers called it quits or Szohr’s publicist is not doing a good job at linking her client to the No.1 bachelor in America. Sorry V looks like it’s back to Lonely Boy. Game on Chasers. XOXO

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400 fans left without view of Super Bowl after tickets were in violation of fire code

Would you pay to watch the Super Bowl from these seats because 400 fans did last night. In an attempt to break the World Record, Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys oversold Super Bowl tickets to the mammoth Cowboys Stadium.The ice storm that hit Dallas last week prevented workers from completing the additional temporary seating brought in for the event. 850 fans were affected after their seats were in violation of the fire code. While fans were found replacement seats, 400 people were left no view of the field. The NFL has promised to reimbursed fans by tripling the face value of their tickets, accommodations and tickets to next year’s Super Bowl… but to some the damage has been done.

Green Bay Packers fan Odett Karam, who flew in from California said: “We don’t want that (money). We just want to get into the game. We just want to see the game.”

Even with the 850 angry fans, it was not enough to break the record. Last night’s Super Bowl attendance was103,219, just short of the 1980 Super Bowl record at the Rose Bowl of 103,985.

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Top 10 best commercials from Super Bowl XLV

While you were wondering how the Pittsburgh Steelers could miss that field goal or what Will.i.am was wearing during the halftime show, these are the best commercials of Super Bowl XLV. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers!

10. Coca-Cola: To think the answer to all of the US and Mexico’s border control problems is a bottle of Coke?

9. Pepsi Max: Only fitting for Pepsi and Coke to round out the first two spots…

8. Best Buy: Some say the Ozzy Osbourne-Justin Bieber commercial may not have lived up to its hype… but not if you have Bieber Fever!

7. CareerBuilder: Business professional monkeys in this economy?

6. Doritos: The first of two Doritos commercials to make TJC Top 10 list

5. Pepsi Max: Though I liked No.9 better than this Pepsi Max commercial, I find it only fitting since this website is called Thejerseychaser.com.

4. Volkswagen Force: The extended commercial for the Volkswagen Force, and might I add may the force be with you.

3. Doritos: USA Today had Doritos’ Pug commercial and our No.6 clip ranked higher, what do you guys think?

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Maria Menounos puts moves on Clay Matthews at Super Bowl Media Day

Maria Menounos is a former Miss Teen USA, MTV VJ and now Access Hollywood correspondent. While not the most professional journalistic skills, this is called Thejerseychaser.com… watch as Menounos puts the moves on Green Bay Packers Clay Matthews. Can you blame her? Look at Matthews’ luscious locks.

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