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LeBron calls out Cavs after 112-57 loss to Lakers on Twitter

Just after the Cleveland Cavaliers suffered their worst loss in franchise history, LeBron James called his former team out on Twitter. The Cavs lost to the LA Lakers 112-57 Wednesday night, when LeBron wrote on the social networking site to say: “Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

When asked by reporters about the tweet, LeBron said: “It was just how I was feeling at the time. It wasn’t even a comment from me. It was someone who sent it to me and I sent it out….No hit toward that organization. I’ve moved on. Hopefully that organization has continued to move on. But I’m happy where I am as a Miami Heat player.”

Good thing the Cavs switched hotels!

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Cleveland Cavaliers change travel plans to avoid LeBron

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat are both in LA this week and were scheduled to stay at the same hotel…. until the Cavaliers changed their travel plans to avoid running into LeBron. According to ESPN.com, “The Cavs made a decision to attempt to avoid staying at the same hotel as any other NBA team because of the strain it puts on the staffs. NBA teams require the use of various meeting rooms, suites and laundry facilities that would tax any hotel.”

But let’s be serious, we all know the real reason the Cavs didn’t want to stay at the same hotel, and it may have something to do with the Heat winning 19 of their last 20 while the Cavs have lost 19 of their last 20.

I wonder if Dan Gilbert has defriended LeBron on Facebook too?!?

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LeBron gives himself the nickname The Heatles

LeBron James has nicknamed the Miami Heat The Heatles. The revelation came after the Heat’s 11th consecutive road win against the Charlotte Bobcats, 96-82, “I see we sell out 99.1 percent on the road, so we call ourselves the Heatles off the Beatles, so every time we take our show on the road we bring a great crowd.”

In the interview below, LeBron gets a kick out of his creative nickname. Based on the fact that LeBron didn’t know what “contraction” meant, I take it he just discovered who The Beatles were when their music came to iTunes… either that or he plays bass in Beatles RockBand.

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Stanford band banned from performing at team’s Orange Bowl win

Stanford won the 2011 Orange Bowl, beating Virgina Tech 40-12, but the Stanford band was not allowed to play during the halftime show.

Bowl officials prohibited the band from performing after they announced the theme of their halftime show would be “Recent Events in the Pro Sports World in Miami.” The game was broadcast on ESPN, the network that produced LeBron James’ Decision, which probably also had something to do with the ban.

The Stanford band is notorious for its politically incorrect halftime performances. In the past, the band has formed a curcitifix during their performance they titled “The Irish, Why Must They Fight” and even involved a white van covered in bloody hand prints during a performance at the height of the OJ Simpson murder trial.
Band or no band, Stanford finished with a 12-1 record, the best in school history when they took their talents to South Beach.

*The video below is of the Stanford band’s most notorious performance, which got them banned from performing at Oregon for three years. The band mocks Oregon’s logging industry and makes a formation of the endangered spotted owl and a marijuana leaf.

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