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Video: Mark Cuban on Colbert Report

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Dallas Mavs party in Miami after beating Heat in NBA Finals

After winning the NBA Championship, the Dallas Mavericks decided to take advantage of being in the city where the heat is on and took the trophy out in Miami. The team rang up a $100,000 bar tab at Club Liv at the Fountainbleau Hotel in South Beach. That’s chump change for billionaire owner Mark Cuban who bought a $90,000 bottle of Nebuchadnezzar of Armand de Brignac champange that was 15L or 20 regular sized bottles.

Also joining the after party was rapper Lil’ Wayne, who is a known Heat fan, along with Trey Songz, Lil Twist, Slim Thug and Birdman. Mysteriuosly abesent from the party in “his city” was LeBron James.

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Mark Cuban in talks with Charlie Sheen for own reality show

It was just a matter of time before Charlie Sheen got his own reality show, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is in talks with the tiger blood bi-winning actor to do just that. Cuban confirmed the good news telling the Dallas Morning News, “You’ve got somebody that everybody has a whole lot of interest in who’s doing some interesting things, to say the least, and we always look for interesting programming by featuring interesting people doing interesting things.”

Cuban and Sheen are experimenting with the idea of Sheen’s reality show or hosting his own talk show for HDNet, but the controversial bad boy has other offers.

“We’ll do something together, but it’s not certain it will be a show. It’ll come down to what he wants do and what his situation is,” Cuban said. “We’ll just figure it out from there, but it’s a unique opportunity, I’ll say that.”

Sounds like a #winning idea to me.

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Mark Cuban takes steps to challenge BCS with playoff system

When Dallas Maverick owner Mark Cuban said he was making an alternative to the controversial BCS system, not many people took him seriously. But the notorious NBA owner is taking steps to create a competitor to the college bowl game system.

Cuban registered the corporation Radical Football in his home state of Texas, which would provide colleges the option of entering a playoff system instead of the current one bowl game system. The colleges would be paid directly by Radical Football.

Cuban is using his billions he made in the late nineties, when he sold his internet company to Yahoo!, to create the radical playoff system. A playoff system in a sport… who would have thought?

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