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Off-duty NYC cop/ Mets fan arrested for seat jumping

In this economy, it is common for fans to jump seats to get closer to the action but be careful! Off-duty NYC police officer Eduardo Cornejo was arrested for seat stealing at Citi Field. Cornejo, who had a ticket to Wednesday’s Mets-Cincinnati Reds game, is being charged with trespassing.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, “He (Cornejo) was in a section he wasn’t supposed to be, they asked him to leave. He wouldn’t. A supervisor asked him to leave. He wouldn’t. The uniformed police sergeant asked him to leave. He wouldn’t, and he was arrested as a result.”

Despite the arrest, Cornejo is not letting it effect his love for the Mets. Cornejo was wearing a NY Mets hat at his home in Staten Island when a NY Post writer asked for a comment. The worst part of the story is the Mets didn’t even win the game, falling to the Reds 6-2.

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Royals Jeff Francouer throws signed baseball with taped $100 bill to fan

Here’s a reason to go to a Kansas City Royals game, outfielder Jeff Francouer threw a signed baseball with a $100 bill taped to it into the right field bleachers autographed, “To the Quarter! Have a few drinks + dogs on me!”The Royals have named the stadium’s section the “Frency Quarter” in honor of Francouer’s nickname. For every Thursday home game fans in the “Frency Quarter” get a T-shirt and a drink coupon for the price of their ticket… and if you’re lucky a $100 bill from Frency himself.

But Francouer isn’t just a favorite among home team fans, in April while in Oakland, Francouer had 20 personal pizzas delivered by a member of the visiting clubhouse staff to a group of A’s fans. Francouer has quite the following in Oakland, last season he threw a $100 bill into the bleachers telling fans to use it to “buy bacon or beer.” A’s fans now wear ”Bacon Tuesday” shirts and hung a piece of paper bacon from the railing in his honor when the Royals come to town.

After the pizza delivery in Oakland, Frenchy told reporters, ”Baseball is fun. We can take it too serious sometimes.”

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Texas Rangers foul ball couple “unaware” of crying young fan

A foul play in last night’s Texas Rangers-New York Yankees game is being disputed. Soon-to-be married couple Sean Leonard and Shannon Moore caught a foul ball from Rangers first baseman Mitch Moreland. But what they didn’t catch was that the young toddler sitting next to them was distraught he did not catch the ball instead. Yankees announcer Michael Kay chastised Leonard and Moore for taking pictures with their souvenir and paying no attention to the crying Rangers fan.

Now, Leonard and Moore are being called out for not giving three-year-old Cameron Shores the ball in what baseball fans say is proper etiquette. But Leonard claims he never even saw Shores. “My fiance Shannon and I were honestly unaware of the situation of the little boy sitting next to us last night since we were so caught up in the excited and moment of being at our first Ranger’s baseball game together,” he wrote in a statement.

Just a week before their wedding, Leonard and Moore are being harassed by fans and tormented for media interviews. “It’s very hurtful, especially when you know you wouldn’t intentionally hurt somebody or hurt their feelings,” Moore said. “Especially when it’s a little-bitty toddler.”

Shores eventually received another foul ball, and the couple believe Kay over exaggerated the situation. “He took an event and sensationalized it, threw it out there, never checked or validated the facts,” Leonard said. Stuck in a pickle, Leonard and Moore want an apology from Kay.

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Cubs fans try to reverse curse by walking cross country with goat

Chicago Cubs fans have not won a World Series in a 107 years and will do just about anything to change that, including walking 1,600 miles with a goat to reverse the famous Billy Goat Curse.

Six Cubs fans from all across the country are walking from the team’s Spring Training camp in Mesa, Arizona to the Cubs Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois… all while being accompanied by a 4-month-old Nigerian dwarf goat named Wrigley. With the help of Wrigley, the men hope to end the curse of the Billy Goat casted on the Cubs in 1945.

Legend has it, Billy Goat Tavern owner Billy Sianis was asked to leave the Cubs World Series game because his billy goat was bothering other fans. Sianis warned officials, “Them Cubs, they aren’t gonna win no more,” and even sent a telegram to team owners. The Cubs lost the 7-game series and have not been back to the World Series since.

But Wrigley and the men hope to change that. The group, which have named themselves “Crack the Curse,” left for Wrigley Field on legendary Cub Ron Santo’s birthday on February 25. Walking 20-miles a day, the group plans to arrive in Chicago May 28. Wrigley walks 5 of the 20 miles and is pushed in an animal cart for the rest.

Group leader Matt Gregory said: “Wrigley’s got a pretty easy life and a free ride to Chicago,” said Gregory, 33. “He’s looking good, drinking a lot of water, eating.” You can follow their voyage in the blog crackthecurse.com, and are asking supporters to donated money to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

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