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Victoria Secret opens flagship store at Cowboys stadium

Victoria’s Secret is that she is a football fan… the woman’s lingerie retailer opened its first flagship store at Cowboys stadium featuring the PINK NFL line.

The grand opening coincided with the Dallas Cowboys Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears and the first day of October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an initiative the NFL has supported since 2008.

“For us, we’ve always tried to create merchandise that we thought our fans would enjoy,” said Cowboys’ vice president of brand management Charlotte Anderson. “To take it a step further and really have a unique shopping experience that’s aimed towards women … 46 percent of our fans are female. We thought they needed a little more style and a little more comfort to be able to enjoy and support their team. Being able to do it in this fashion is really unique.”

The Dallas Cowboys stadium opened in 2010 and is the largest domed stadium in the world earning the nickname “Jerry’s World” for it’s sushi restaurant, martini bar and yes- now Victoria Secret store.

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Why is Michael Vick trending on Twitter?

Our Twitter followers have asked us why Michael Vick was trending on Twitter. It isn’t National Anti-Animal Abuse Day nor has a new dog fighting scandal broken out, but one of PETA’s most notorious NFLers  put up MVP caliber numbers in last night’s Monday Night Football game.

The Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins 59-28. Vick went 20/28 for 222 passing yards. Vick is known for his ability to run the ball, and last night was no exception; Vick was the second-leading rusher with 80 yards and 8 carries. The Eagles took a gamble when they signed Vick last summer, who had not played an NFL game since 2006, signing him to a $1.6 million contract for one year. This off season, Vick exercised a team option worth $5 million, but his contract expires at the end of the season

Vick’s career best game came on the heels of  Donvan McNabb five year $88 million contract with Washington Redskins.  McNabb played 10 seasons with the Eagles before being replaced by Vick, a risk that concerned many fans. News of McNabb’s contract has started rumors that a big contract is in store for Vick.

The Businessinsider.com is reporting last night’s game solidified a contract extension worth $50 million. It was just two Sundays ago that McNabb was benched for Rex Grossman leaving many football fans scratching their heads as to why McNabb got so much money.

The Eagles are currently 6-3, tied for first in the NFC East with the New York Giants. The team owes much of their success to Vick who leads the NFC in passing.

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