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Video: Virgina Tech basketball coach elbows daughter to hug one of his players

After Virgina Tech won an ACC tournament game, head coach Seth Greenberg’s elbowed his daughter in the face when he went to hug a player. Greenberg’s daughter is a cheerleader for the Hokies and tried to congratulate her dad after the win. Unfortuently for VT, they did not make the tournament and Greenberg has to live with the burden of why he chose a player over his own daughter!

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Weekend Video: SNL take on March Madness


In honor of Selection Sunday….

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Weekend Video: Louisville cheerleader almost costs team the game

During the Louisville-Pittsburgh basketball game, a male cheerleader made a conveniencing argument for the sport of cheerleading by almost costing his team the game. With .5 seconds left in overtime, Louisville’s Kyle Kuric dunked the ball to give the Cardinals a 62-57 lead. In the heat of the moment, a Louisville male cheerleader ran on to the court and threw the ball into the air to celebrate …. causing the Cardinals to get a technical foul, which meant two free throws for Pitt. While Louisville ended up winning the game, the cheerleader’s team spirit further tarnished cheerleading’s reputation, but if a cheerleader can lose a game doesn’t that mean it’s a sport?

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Congratulations UConn women’s basketball team

Congratulations to a group of women who wear jerseys and don’t chase them. The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team won their 89th consecutive victory. The Huskies passed a record set by the UCLA men’s basketball team in 1974. #GIRLPOWER

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