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Michigan fans’ reaction to the firing of Rich Rod

As a Michigan native and Walmart Wolverine I think this video describes many fans’ feelings right now. Michigan fans stand divided with the firing of football head coach Rich Rodriguez, who in his tenure at Michigan went 15-22 and failed to beat rivals Michigan State or Ohio State. Front runners to fill RicRod’s position are Michigan Men LSU coach Les Miles and San Diego State coach Brady Hoke. Many UofM fans want Stanford coach Jim Harabaugh, who led the Cardinals to a 12-1 record and to their first Orange Bowl victory, but Harabuagh, who attended high school in Ann Arbor, is expected to go to the NFL. Despite the unlikeliness of Harabuagh coming to Michigan, fans should trust Athletic Director and former Dominos CEO Dave Brandon… he did revamp the Dominos’ sauce didn’t he?

As for Rich Rod’s future, he is expected to go on tour with Josh Groban as his opening act.

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