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Tiger Woods NOT on the cover of his own video game

Earlier this week, EA Sports announced for the first time ever, gamers would be able to play the Augusta National course in the newest version of Tiger Woods PGA Golf 12. Tiger has been releasing a video game every year since 1999, but something else is different about this year’s game besides fans getting the chance to play the Masters… Tiger isn’t on the cover!

After poor sales of Tigers’ video game last year, EA Sports decided to not put the golfer on the cover, instead opting for the yellow flag at Augusta. #FAIL

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Tiger Woods paid to have sex tape not released

It has long been rumored that there is a Tiger Woods’ sex tape with Devon James, one of his many mistresses, but now Radar Online is confirming the urband legend saying James was paid by Tiger to not release the XXX video.

Jame’s husband, Nick Janette told Radar Online the pre-ordered tapes have not been shipped because of an ongoing settelment between his wife and Tiger’s people.

“Our settlement is done so we’re not releasing a tape,” Nick told RadarOnline.com. He claimed that the couple would have the settlement money by the end of the week.

Devon James has long alleged the video between her and the notorious golfer exsists and even shopped it to Vivid Entertainment. Back in January, Vivid co-CEO said the adult film distributor was looking into a purported Tiger Woods sex tape.

Image via Daily Gab

Thanks to our blog brother Sportress of Blogitude!

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Tiger Woods mistresses having 1 year anniversary party of affair scandal

Three of Tiger Woods’ mistresses are having a one year anniversary party to honor the anniversary of Tiger Woods crashing into a tree and subsequently his sexual endeavors being exposed. While over 16 women have claimed to have had an affair with Tiger, but Holly Sampson, Jamie Jungers, and Joslyn James are hosting the event. Next to Rachel Uchitel, James was the most famous of the mistresses. James, who is a porn star even claimed Tiger got her pregnant.

The party will be at the ZIN Bistro in LA on December 3. Zin Bistro owner Rouz Yaz said:

“It’s going to be a great night. I’m excited to have the girls here. We’re going to have signature cocktails, great music and complete blast as only Holly, Jamie and Joslyn can throw. Tiger is also welcome to join the party.”

Themed drinks, hopefully they’re served by cocktail waitresses because we all know that’s Tigers’ Achillies heel.

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Happy Thanksgiving from The Jersey Chaser

…. and a special Happy Thanksgiving to you Tiger ;)

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