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Friday Video: Tim Tebow on The Daily Show

Tim Tebow stopped by The Daily Show to visit John Stewart to discuss his new book and his deeply rooted faith… which includes posing in his boxers!

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Homeless man wins ESPN.com Fantasy Football grand prize

A homeless Massachusetts man Nathan Harrington beat out 3.1 million other competitors to win the ESPN.com Fantasy Football challenge taking home $3,500 worth of Best Buy gift certificates.

After getting into a nerve damaging car crash last fall, Harrington was forced to move into a cheap motel with his finance and three-year old son. With no computer, Harrington relied on the public library, his father’s nursing home and his friends to check his lineup.

God was on his side or at least Tim Tebow’s side… Harrington finished in first place by .8 points after he started the Denver Bronco’s quarterback in the final week. Harrington is selling the gift certificates to his mother for $2,500 and will use the money to help him and his family move into a new apartment.

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Tim Tebow gets rookie hazing haircut

Carrying pads… no problem! Goofy hair cut… bring it on! Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow is setting a new precedent for rookie hazing. Last month, Dez Bryant took some heat for not carrying veteran teammate Roy William’s pads. LenDale White posted the picture above on his Twitter account after Tebow got a rookie hazing haircut.

Tebow said he gladly accepted the haircut because it “built team chemistry.” Wonder if Tebow will keep the haircut for his jockey photo shoot?

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Unlike Dez Bryant Tim Tebow carries pads at Broncos practice

Tim Tebow is not letting his big Jockey contract get to his head. The Denver Broncos rookie QB honored football hazing tradition by carrying his teammates pads after practice. Dez Bryant could learn a thing or two from the former Florida Heisman Trophy winner.

Hopefully the football gods are looking down on Tebow and will protect him from injury this season.

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